Fixed that on-or-off tone pot


Jan 23, 2017
Yesterday was soldering iron day. I upped the cap value to around 150, and this was much better. Then I tried the a linear CTS 500K tone pot -- nearly all of the action was from 0-2, so out it came. Then, a 500K log pot which sounded the same as what was in there originally (though a bit brighter as it measured over 500K whereas the stock pot measured out at 454K). Ultimately, I returned the guitar to stock so that I could keep the same (metric) Gretsch knob appearance. All to say that I'm glad I could do all of this by tucking the tone pot through the F hole. I would have been mighty frustrated if I had to have remove the entire harness!!!

Rockin Hogan

Dec 30, 2021
Southeast US
When I was able to test the 5427 earlier this year I found that the tone control worked much better than my MIK 5420. Can anyone conform that the new MIC 5420s have better more usable tone controls like the MIC 5427? The 5427 and new MIC 5420 appear to be the same guitar minus the finish/inlay option on the 5427.


Mar 10, 2019
I'm going master volume only, 250k will hopefully be fine.

Done this now, and it works perfectly; an even taper throughout the range, plenty of presence wide open, and a gradual warming of the tone, with no mud, as the volume is rolled back. EVH was right, volume is tone.

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