Elliott Easton - White Tiki


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Sep 22, 2012
Never heard of it, too. What`s the difference to a Penguin?
The fixed bridge with no base. Dont think ive seen that on a Penguin before. Nor the fixed bar tailpiece in the second photo…. Ive never seen that on any proline Gretsch

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Jul 25, 2009
Sandy Eggo
Elliot was an active member at the other gretsch forum! I also got to hang with him at Namm in the gretsch room when things were low key one time. Definitely defied what they say about "Be careful meeting your idols" as he is a sweet chilled guy who is a tone fiend like the rest of us. I had to admit to him that I played my Cars LPs into the ground and for a long time thought he has some killer violin fuzz pedal for solos, not realizing it was analog synth as a kid. then had to retrain my ear to listen to the actual guitar but that it shaped my desire to acquire a fuzz pedal that would let me have that kind of sound which turned into the fuzz ray I make. In anycase, a guitar hero and a gentleman w tone nerd all over!


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May 24, 2012
I remember when that came out.

Lot's of folks hoped for it to be in the Gretsch "line up," but it didn't happen.

Big EE fan. Wore out several Cars albums too. Some great stuff.

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