Dynasonic pickups' ACTUAL polepiece-to-string distances?

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Aug 5, 2010
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Sure, sure, the Paul Setzer diagram posted on the forum countless times (and again in this post, for reference, below), which suggests Dynasonic pickup polepiece heights relative to one another is very helpful, but I'd like to hear from experienced Dyna players, who've followed that diagram's outline as a proportional baseline, as to exactly what their polepiece-top-to-string-bottom actually measured out to be, for each string and both pickups. Fractions of an inch, decimals, whatever -- please enlighten me. And yes, I've already tried the "Search" function. Thanks!

Dynasonic polepiece relative heights.jpg


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May 1, 2018
I never followed that exactly, I just did it by ear. That’s a good starting point but the pickup heights are preference and then just balance the pickups with each other. I’ve seen people with wildly different pole setups. Some just go straight across with the radius of the strings. I did that for a while and it still sounded good.


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Sep 4, 2009
Duane Eddy has his pickups low and raises the poles. I tried the popular thing if raising the pickup close and keeping the poles low.....kinda too much bumph for me. In general, I found em tricky to position. I think it also depends on whether you play clean or with a varying amount of overdrive


Feb 28, 2022
Yeah it really varies from guitar to guitar for me….possibly because of how different guitars are wired and what value pots and capacitors they have. My first experience with Dynas was putting a vintage pair in my ‘08 Falcon LDS. With those I have the pickups raised really high to the strings with the poles not protruding much. Sounds great…meaty but still nice and clear.

I’ve recently posted about my newly acquired ‘57 Streamliner with the single neck Dyna. It is set pretty low with the pole pieces raised and sounds amazing. I shimmed it up to see how it sounded and it got thicker but lost a lot of clarity and character. On that guitar which has the old stacked tone pot and 1 meg volume pot it sounds best where it is.

Sorry I can’t give exact heights.
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