Does Music From Certain Years Appeal To You, More The Music From Other Years?


Country Gent
Jul 9, 2014
Commack, NY
Hands down !
I've always enjoyed the 1940's music myself too . The harmonies , you just can't beat it . And the big band swing stuff too . Everything else too , the cars , the fashion , furniture and bakelite radios ..... back to music ......
40's , 50's , 60's and 70's were for me . All of it . Disco in the 80's actually ruined it for me for the most part although I did enjoy some of it ( R.I.P. Donna Summer ) . I'm with @General_Lee for the most part that nothing really has impressed me in the last 30 years
Work's been crazy but wanted to add that the 1940's music seems like massive decade of musical treasure. I love the '40 channel of satellite radio and just when I am immersed in the current song, the next brings something by one of the Dorsey brothers, then the Duke, then the Andrews Sisters, then Glen Miller, Harry James, Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw.and more.

Then the vocals of Bing and Frank draw me in. I love it.

I always soured some on the 1970s......I grew up with it as the decade of being stuck in the car with mom and dad going to a furniture store and some bland (now considered adult contemporary) music would come on. Prog rock flourished....although I love my Pink Floyd and much of Jethro Tull .

And disco? I always thought of that as 1970s nonsense that spilled into maybe '80 or '81 when "New Wave" and MTV wiped it away. I kind of liked the '80s....but then again, those were the years of growing up....10 y/o in '83 and in high school by '88. So much went on and tons of one hit wonders ....Terence Trent D'Arby("Wishing Well), Jesus Jones (actually '91 w/ "I Was Alive And I Waited" and others. Every year had it's own string of stuff. The constant flow I really liked came from U2, Bruce, and just other stuff that was a bit catchy for the time.


Jul 4, 2020
Los Angeles
So the question becomes, is it me, or is it just a coincidence that some great songs came out during a certain year, or is this a product of conditions that particular year inspiring great music?
Most likely it's you.

Your taste in music is defined by a whole lot of factors, but it's YOUR taste. At some point a whole lot of us shared the same top 40 list, and that defined a generation. But with the advent of the iPod and the gradual disappearance of radio as a music go-to, all of that fragmented and everyone has his (used generically) own personal play list.