Didn't Know They Played Gretsch

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Jun 6, 2008
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Mar 20, 2010
Ed Roland of Collective Soul, plays numerous guitars...I remember him playing a Gretsch when we saw them in concert with the family. This made a lasting impression on my son. He was picked on a lot for playing a Gretsch when all the other kids at school had tele's, strats, and L.Ps. He thought that Dad was mean for making him play a large G5120T. After that he didn't care what others thought, and was hooked for life. Thank you Ed Roland.


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Jun 30, 2008
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I have heard and seen Bill Frisell perform many times and never have heard or seen him playing a Gretsch. I know I have seen videos and am aware of some recordings where he plays the Annie... Not really known to be Gretschy... Tele and Collings electrics are what I have watched him play live. I sometimes wonder what guitars some of the accomplished players don't have in their collections? It would also be interesting to hear what guitars those players mentioned in the thread, and others, would stay far away from. A thread that including anecdotes on how their opinions were formed about guitars they haven't been pleased with... A whiner thread...

Maybe we don't need any of that...?




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Feb 12, 2009
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And here's Little Richard with the very same stereo White Falcon. Notice the same wood paneling. From the croc Selmers, it's apparently in the UK. I tried once to see if the two were ever touring in the UK together or at the same time, but couldn't find anything conclusive. If not, then it would be quite a coincidence that they both posed with the same guitar in the same shop at different times.


Jan 6, 2014
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I’m not sure either. I have seen other pictures pf her with a 6120, so that’s my guess.
Hard to tell from that image. Yes, it IS a '62 reissue Tennessean, because it has the standby switch, & the "fake" "Electrotone body" f-holes. It's very easy to see in the concert video posted farther down. Some models of "Tennessee Rose" do have Filtertrons. so it's likely one of those. The finish LOOKS black, but for some reason Gretsch finishes often photograph black when they're not. For years MANY people thought George Harrison's Country Gents were black, but they were dark walnut; the same with his Tennessean, but that's dark cherry. My Gretsches (same models) both photograph black at times. Always thought that interesting. Hmmm...
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