David Crosby


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Feb 16, 2013
I’ll jump back in here and add that he was an incredibly talented man whose music and inspiration spanned what? Six decades?
While I didn’t always agree with his politics, I never lost appreciation and respect for his musical gifts.


Jun 6, 2008
McKinney, Texas
Very sad. David was an inspiration to many.
If you can find an original stereo version of Bells of Rhymney, David's rhythm part (maybe played on his 6119) is hard panned to one channel. He is tuned to dropped D. It is a great counter balance to the 12 string.
One of a kind.


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Feb 17, 2020
He was an interesting man. I read his autobiography maybe 20 years ago.
I never did hear what he did to get kicked out of the Byrds but who remembers that the horse's ass sat in for him on the back cover?

His drug abuse was legendary and almost killed him a few times. Texas prison wasn't fun.
And who remembers which lesbian couple used his sperm to conceive a child??
OK I checked and he had two children with Melissa Etheridge.

I'm not bashing David, just pointing out that he was an interesting character.
Wasn't David's voice often the highest harmony part?? Beautiful!
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May 4, 2016
Peculiar, Missouri
Some of these hurt really bad. RIP

dak55, I'm right there with you. Earlier today, I responded to @drmilktruck's thread about double albums. I mentioned that a special CD was Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young's "Four Way Street." I had not heard that he passed until I logged back on this evening. It's very sad indeed.

RIP David Crosby.


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Feb 17, 2020
What is your favorite David Crosby song?
I can't explain why but "Wooden Ships" is mine. I think it might be that the song was out for a while before I learned of the meaning and was stunned.

I liked pretty much all of his songs but another that I thought memorable was "Triad".


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Sep 12, 2014
Firenze, Italy
Man, that's sad. I knew he was ill, but you never expect what's coming.
RIP David, one of the best voices of his generation.


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Jun 11, 2015
Portland, OR
Certainly that voice was a gift from the heavens - what a fantastic singer! I still listen to CSNY (and to lessor degree The Byrds) on a regular basis. The harmonies - wow! It just doesn't get any better.

I got to see one of those Crosby/Nash "duet" shows sometime, somewhere in the late '70s - an outdoor amphitheatre show on a calm and bucolic summer evening. Picnic basket, bottle of wine, sitting in the grass with Kathy Van Heuson, the love of my life at the time. LoL! It's weird, but I'll never forget that night! For a few hours there, all was right in the world.

81's not a bad run, all things considered. I'll be lucky if I ever see it. Thanks David, for the great music and memories. RIP.


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Jan 17, 2020
Jack Plate, Oregon
Almost Cut My Hair! David is still one of the main reasons I have always let my freak flag fly. We have been fortunate to bask in his talent for so long. I certainly have not agreed with all he said and did, but he gave us so much great music. Thanks brother, and rest in peace.


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Mar 12, 2012
This one hits me pretty hard....

If you haven't heard anything David did in the recent past, you should take a listen. It's some pretty incredible stuff. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform live about 4 years ago...and, it is one of the best concerts I ever went to. He came off as a lovable old grouch...lol. The man had a lot of talent. He was also a lot of fun to follow on Twitter.

My wife even loved that concert...so much so that when we recently got a puppy she wanted to name him CROSBY, after David.

My favorite David Crosby song is: Cowboy Movie