considering replacing 5420t pickups, any alternatives besides tv jones?


Jan 23, 2022
so, this is a project that's a ways out, but i wanted to start thinking about replacing my stock 5420t pickups. they're nice, and i like the filtertrons, but the sound just seems a bit flat and lifeless to my ears. I've definitely heard of tv jones pickups and people love them in gretsch guitars, but are there any other good pickup options that would go well with this guitar? I occasionally like a bit of twang to my sound, but though it may sound strange for this type of guitar, i also like a bit of a jazzy sound as well.


May 27, 2018
Brooklyn, Ny
Look into the different types of TV jones. I chose a set of Magnetrons, it's like a strat pickup but no 60cycle hum, I also liked that the pole pieces are kind of set, no fiddling.

I've been thinking of putting some zebra fluence open core pickups, but don't want to deal with a battery rolling around a big hollow body!