can I put a bigsby b7/b70 on my gretsch g2622


Sep 26, 2022
new york, united states
I have been thinking about putting a bigsby on my g2622 but I am not sure about it. I know that gretsch already offers a g2622 with a bigsby and am wondering if because of that I could do it without drilling any holes, if anyone can tell me whether I would need to drill holes or not that would be really useful


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Apr 9, 2014
Look up the B7, it is usually installed with another screw on the face of the guitar, nit just at the tail. You could try to install without the screw, maybe use 2 sided tape, but that is not the usual method.


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Jul 30, 2008
Murfreesboro, TN
you sure I couldn't use the pre existing holes from the stop tail

The B7 requires holes in the top due to its use of a built-in tension bar. Without the screws in the top, the whole assembly will float away from the body. It actually uses two screws into the top, but in most cases you can get away with just using the screw on the handle assembly side.

@calebaaron666 's idea posted above is a much better solution to your problem.
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