Best Gear You Got in 2022


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May 17, 2009
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December is the classic time for Best Of Lists.

First up - What's the best bit of gear you acquired in 2022?

For me it's the B&G Crossroads Step Sister.

Beautiful to look at. Great size, very playable, nice neck. I went from playing Autumn Leaves on the neck to Penetration on the bridge and the sound fit fine both places. The P90s go from nice and clean to a bit of dirt with digging in.

IMG_3227 2.jpeg IMG_3228 2.jpeg


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Aug 15, 2018
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I didn’t buy too much in the way of gear in 2022 compared to the last few years (2020 was particularly reckless), but I got a few awesome things.

Some serious upgrades/modifications to my White Falcon.
Stainless steel refret
bridge pinning
T-Armond front pickup

Gretsch 5222 5 watt amp
After several mods (new tubes, new speaker, new transformer, new grill cloth, snipped caps) this thing has been very inspiring.

Supro Coronado II
Cheapest guitar I own, and I can’t get enough of it!


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Feb 16, 2013
I bought two excellent 5 watt tube amp heads from Reverb builder Second Chance Amps. First one is based on a 5F2A Princeton - I housed it in a late 40’s radio cabinet.

I liked the Princeton so well that I ordered a second variant based on an early Gibson Skylark. I had matching head and speaker cabinets built to house it:
I’ve been enjoying the wonders of 5 watt tube glory for months!


Sep 18, 2012
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When I read the title of this thread I thought I had been pretty stable with gear and not bought / sold very much but in reality I have moved and acquired quite a bit. The most for many years in fact.

Out went 2 National Resophonic Style O resonators, an Epi Dot 335 and a Silver Falcon and in came Scotty, Blue and my Memphis 335.

Scotty needed a lot of love but has made a fabulous playing guitar once I got the wonky Bigsby sorted out.
Blue was also in a bit of a state when he arrived with the Gibson G-Force tuning system and really shrill humbucker pick ups. New locking Gotoh tuners and a set of hand wound Bare Knuckle P90’s and I have another great player. I love the flatter fretboard and those P90’s are the bomb.

Finally the Memphis ES 335. This needed no work at all until I scratched it at a gig. It polished out ok and the guitar is the biggest and best purchase of the year. It is probably the only guitar I actually need in truth.



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Mar 6, 2011
'22 6120 players edition I sold a bunch of guitars including my rat rod earlier this year.
This is a christmas/birthday/roll over to permanent employment gift to myself, moving halfway across the country with nothing but hope and ambition is a challenge and felt that earned a reward... ha ha ha. 20221204_095712.jpg


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Sep 22, 2012
2 g6128t guitars this year. 3574AD9D-B928-44D8-8CB6-C17C48946BDA.jpeg
Sadly I could only afford to keep one but the single cut stayed on the forum and went to @powerwagonjohn.
I got over a brief foolish spell of life without a tele and found the right Nash. Best tele ive ever played. And so far the best purchase of the year (but i have something special coming in 2 weeks)
I upgraded my home studio with a better interface, better speakers and the Simplifier amp simulator.