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May 16, 2022
Looking for a nice clean sound amp to go with my new 5422 GT classic. Thinking of either a katana 50 or 100, a Roland blues cube, or a Roland JC 40 or JC 22. Any comments would be much appreciated. Sound is prob most important, but I would like the app to have the capability of inputting backing tracks, attaching headphones, and sounding reasonable at low volumes for household practice. Not one for fooling around with computers for sounds. Yes Also small gig worthy. Your input valuable, thanks much
Not sure if you found something yet, but I would look elsewhere than the Katana. I had a Katana 50 and I liked the gain tones, but I absolutely couldn't get nice cleans out of it. I ended up putting a Joyo American pedal in front of it to get good cleans, which worked great. To be honest, for the $35 that pedal costs, you may want to try that in front of whatever amp you currently have. I really liked the cleans and the mild overdrive tones I got when I used that pedal.

Since I tend to favor the sound of Fender cleans, another rabbit hole that I've managed to go down is trying out some of the solid state Fender amps from the 90s and early 2000s. The Super Chorus, Princeton 112, Champion 300 and a bunch of others. I just love their cleans. Bright, chimey fender cleans. Some of these amps are high power, and can be bought for peanuts through your local classifieds.
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Apr 12, 2021
Last year I purchased by chance a Crate vintage club, for very cheap and it’s the best clean sound I know now. It’s pretty close to the sound of a guenine fender bassman 5f6, but even cleaner, it crunshes at a very loud volume and then it’s soooo nice
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Apr 27, 2022
Centralia, WA
I know they may not be common or highly advertised, but I’ve been super impressed with Quilter products. I love the Quilter Aviator Cub, with Tweed, Blonde, and Black inputs. Each is different sounding and useful. Beautiful cleans after my speaker broke in. It was $600.

My favorite amp for clean tones is the Fender Princeton Reverb but that’s around the $1,000 mark. I have a Vox AC10C1 I paid $400 for and I haven’t found anything else at that price point with clean tones as nice.


Sep 1, 2020
I have a Kat 50, and had a vintage JC-120 until recently. The “Clean” setting on the Kat is Fender clean, and the “Acoustic” setting is JC clean. The effects on the Kat really require a PC to tap into their full potential, but you can dial up decent cleans with a bit of reverb using just the knobs. I occasionally use the “Crunch” setting, but I don’t use the higher-gain settings at all. I use the power settings a lot though - just bump up to the next power level and turn down the volume to get loads of clean quiet headroom. I use the Clean setting most.
Download the Sneaky amps and Dumble amps. Totally worth it.