Any experience with TV Jones "T-Series" pickups?


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May 20, 2019
Brisbane, Australia
I hear a slight difference Eric, having had the T-90 and T-armond in soapbar, open top and dearmond mount. the biggest jump though in difference is the english/filter w surround mount versus soapbar and english w no surround.
It attenuates the airy top end just a tad. I "feel" the pickups length plays into the change in response too, like more focuses in the compact version??? the english mount are 2 3/4" length, while the soapbar is 3 3/8", dearmond mount is 2 7/8"

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ps. not to sway you in a new direction but have you thought about HiLo trons in a tele?? I did this once.
Off topic here but where did you get the black penguin pick guard?


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Apr 9, 2014
I ordered the T-Series. While the DCR and inductance is slightly different, I'm sure it's barely noticeable. I really liked the old ones I had with the higher DCR, I hope these don't sound weaker by comparison when I get them...
Cool, which did you order?

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