A " BIG SHOUT OUT " to member afire , a true watch maker , a true friend indeed .


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Dec 23, 2010
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So a few weeks ago we had a thread regarding our watches here on the forum . Lots of members here shared there watches and stories .
As some of you know , forum member @afire is a watch extraordinaire who collects , refinishes and repairs quality watches from the 1930s , 1940s and the 1950s . All in prestigious mint condition . His favorite I believe being Gruen Watches .
I've had a old watch given to me by me grandmother when her brother passed away around 1974/5 , I was just 16 ( my uncle ) . In emailing back and forth with afire , member afire gave me an in depth description of my fine piece of jewelry ( which I had no idea what I had ) , my watch being from around 1938 . I took it to a local guy I trust and just got it back . I am just flawed as I also wish my grandmother was still alive to see this .
Thank you afire for all your kindness , knowledge and inspiration .
And now the before and after photos


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Feb 12, 2009
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What a beauty. When somebody asks me about an old watch from an ancestor, I'm usually prepared to give a disappointing response. Not this time. A quality depression-era Swiss watch cased by New York's finest casemaker in solid gold. It's a wearable work of art housing a functioning marvel of engineering and craftsmanship. What could be better than that? I'm more than happy to have helped thunder58 with some guidance on how to bring it back for a fresh new life.


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Feb 12, 2009
Where the action is!
You've done more than helped . Your encouragement and guidance has done more . It has helped to keep my family closer to my heart
It’s not entirely a coincidence that I’m a Gruen man. The first vintage watch I ever owned was my grandfather’s Gruen. My dad actually remembers going to the jewelry store with his mother to pick it out as a Christmas gift when he was about 10 years old in the early 1950s. He wore it for the rest of his life, up to the mid 1990s. This isn’t a watch forum, but I think as guitar enthusiasts, many of us here get how objects can connect us to the past in a sometimes profound way.


Oct 18, 2015
I think everybody who appreciates brilliant craftsmanship is rejoicing at this sight.
Wonderful piece and a true family jewel.

I am alwas amazed what a bunch of talented people is around at this forum. You don`t find a watch specialist on every guitarforum who is a profund vintage guitar connoiseur like @afire , as well.
@thunder58 : Enjoy this wonderful gem and keep it clean for your heirs.