7595 White Falcon stereo controls


Jul 30, 2012
Cheltenham, UK
I've had a 1979 'Baldwin' 7595 Stereo Falcon for some time now and never really been able to figure out what exactly the two 'tone' switches do. I know that the whole set up 'splits' the pickups (EAD + GBE) and how the two switches that operate the pickup selection (Neck/Both/Bridge) work but I kinda assumed that the tone switches would work like the 'Mud' switch on my '73 Gent i.e. bypass in the centre position and two levels of treble roll off in the up and down positions. But the Falcon ones don't seem to do this. The down position is 'brighter' but the other two positions on both switches don't seem to make much difference.
I've never been able to find an original instructions sheet to clarify this issue - I assume that some thing like that would come with the guitar originally, but there isn't anything with the other documents in the case.

Anyone on the Forum got a stereo Falcon that could enlighten me? BTW, my Falcon is the model that has the 'circuit board' inside and mini switches.



Dec 21, 2010
My '69 6137 White Falcon Stereo Is set up the exact same way as yours, with the bright tone coming from the down position. I have no idea why Gretsch set these up this way, but your guitar is properly configured.