Apr 5, 2022
Hi there!
Any 4 stringer around in here???
I just got my hands on this gorgeous 1964 Gretsch Tennessean Bass 6071.
It’s on the bench for now, it will need a good TLC. I’m reaching out to you all in hope to find someone who might know them well or who might own one as well.
I have a little doubt on the electronics. For now the Supertron pick up is wired in parallel, has two leads and a ground, then it goes to the tone switch where it’s wired as;

- one "single" coil w/ low pass capacitor,
- both coil,
- the other coil..

so there’s only one capacitor..
How does it sounds to you?
Legit or not?

Anyone could tell me how their pickup is wired?
How many leads?
Series or parallel?
one or two capacitors on the switch?
what are the values?

Here's the beast:

Gretsch 6071.jpeg


Dec 21, 2010
My first bass was a Gretsch 6071 Short Scall Bass. Unfortunately, I traded it off years ago. I also had the two pickup 6073, but sold it, too. After Peter Tork passed away, I kind of wished I had another one, so I got this '68 model. The amp is a '66 6170 Pro Bass. My brother's first amp was the later model with the on/off and line reverse rocker switches on the front instead of the toggle switch. The bass and amp really sound great together. Even though the amp is open backed, it still has nice pleasing lows and the natural tube compression balances out the individual string's volume nicely. GretschSSandProBass.jpg


Dec 21, 2010
The controls on the Gretsch bass are pretty straightforward. The selector switch on the upper bout is the tone filter. There are two different value caps (I can't remember their values) the center position is bypass (no capacitors) and either up or down gives you preset lows. The switch on the lower bout is simply a standby. Center is off (no sound) and either up or down is "On". The additional switch on the lower bout by the tailpiece is supposed to be for the mechanical rubber covered string mute under the bridge. Gretsch never wired their pickups with a coil tap that I was ever aware of.

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