2009 Duo Jet G6128TDS


Oct 12, 2013
Anyone know what kind of Dynasonics come on this year and model?

De'Armond 2000's?
Gretsch Dynasonics?
Seymore Duncan Dinasonics?
TV Jones T-Armonds?

Lucky Jim

Oct 16, 2020
Kent, England
Definitely Gretsch Dynasonics unless a previous owner has changed them to T-Armonds.
I have a Dyna Gakki built TDS jet. It has a peculiarity pickup-wise: The neck is set lower than the Terada jets I've owned and as a consequence it was impossible to set the guitar up with a low action without the strings touching the top of the bridge pickup. I got the impression that the guitar was built with FilterTrons in mind and that producing a version with Dynas wasn't really thought through. Dynas can't be lowered into the body like FilterTrons can. I got around it by having TVJ make me a bridge T-Armond in a neck pickup casing height. I'm not sure if all TDS jets are like that but it's something to watch out for.