1. T

    SOLD UPGRADED Epiphone Les Paul Standard 50’s - Sweetwater Limited Lemon Burst w/ Case - $660 shipped!

    Selling a Limited Edition Epiphone Les Paul Standard with some serious upgrades... This was a Limited Edition for Sweetwater in a beautiful Lemon Burst finish. Seems like Sweetwater can't keep these in stock, and for good reason. It looks phenomenal in person (pics definitely are not doing it...
  2. LeSainte

    Epiphone Masterbilt Zenith - And Other Archtop Acoustics

    I was curious if anyone has experience with this guitar. One of my local music stores has one in stock. I love the look and feel, but the sound is hard to assess since the strings they have on it are ancient and they still have the protective foam spacer under the bridge. I'm really considering...
  3. LeSainte

    GFS Nashville "Filter'tron Style" PUPs?

    Okay, okay... I know I may be asking the wrong crowd about these budget GFS pickups. My Father had me replace the crappy P90s in his Epiphone Les Paul Special with some overwound GFS soapbar sized humbuckers with the proprietary Kwikplug™ thing. No complaints, huge improvement over the...
  4. Sid Nitzerglobin

    Epi-tastic NGD :)

    Ran into this one today & it clicked too well not to bring it home w/ me: It's a fairly minty 2020 Epi Casino Worn. I went ahead & dropped on a spare ABM2400 & a set of Kluson Deluxes I had on hand while I was restringing w/ my customary NYXL .010-.046. I'm pretty damn impressed w/ the feel &...
  5. MrClint

    Good Morning, New Zealand!

  6. Ricochet

    New guitar incoming!

    Actually it’s used, but looked new from the pics. Dark Black burst, signature model, you will never guess muhahaha. Bought to mod. Two new filtertrons are on the way, plus a Les Trem from Rockinger. I’m also about to order a custom brass pickguard. I was set on shaping my own until I looked at...
  7. MrClint

    Oxnard Shores

    Non-Gretsch track. Posted this in another thread. Just trying to keep the vacation vibe alive:
  8. jackfossett

    Epiphone Sheraton II Review

    Hey folks Got my hands on an Epiphone Sheraton II and shot a review. I'll also be doing shootouts with the Casino & Riviera, but just the solo review for now -- Might also be interesting to put it up against the centerblock Electromatic? Cheers Jack
  9. jackfossett

    Epiphone Casino vs Epiphone Riviera

    Hey folks Anyone here into Epiphone guitars too? Here is a shootout review of the standard Casino and Riviera Custom p93 ~ Cheers Jack