bridge replacement

  1. stevenson30

    Greetings from Germany with a first question / 5124 bridge replacement

    Hey Guys, My name is Stephan from Germany and I am new here. I own a 5124 and I would like to replace the bridge (is it aluminim?) which is not-adjustable by screws to setup the intonation. Could anyone recommend a bridge which can I replace on-to-one? It seems there a several different kind...
  2. junkopardner

    Replacing g2215-p90 bridge pickup

    I recently got the g2215-p90 and I’m thinking about replacing the Broad’tron bridge pickup. It’s fine but a little anemic. I figure some of that could be remedied by lowering the p90 a bit to balance things out but I kind of like the p90 where it’s at. I was considering just putting a Pearly...
  3. R

    Replacement bridge for 6620T - recommendations

    Hi. I’m new to the forum and am after a bit of advice. I have a 6620T players addition which is generally lovely to play however I have never been that impressed with the bridge. It rattles and buzzes A LOT. Maybe I’ve been unlucky but I think it’s time to investigate a replacement since this...
  4. M

    5120: problem install, Graph Tech Resomax NV2. Grrr.

    Hi all-- While I mull over a Tru-Arc Serpentune, I bought a Graph Tech Resomax NV2 ($81) as a much needed stop-gap. The NV2 is billed (without much explanation, anywhere) as a "drop-in" replacement for T-O-M style bridges, but... But. Not for my archtop floating bridge guitar. And there are...
  5. R

    Which bridge have you kept on your Gretsch G6119 Tennessee Rose MIJ?

    It's coming up for new strings time and I want to change the bridge on my Gretsch G6119 Tennessee Rose MIJ a the same time. What's on there is already a replacement (prior owner) it works but it could be better I think. My main candidate is Compton Steel. I play light gain alt rock blues styles...