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  1. thunder58

    Billy-Bo on the cheap ......

    So you may have heard me say a time or two ...." I wish Gretsch would build an Electromatic Billy-Bo for us poor folk " ........ Well I'm on this Facebook group called " Cheap Awesome Guitars " and one of these guitars popped up . Could make a nice platform for someone . Just thought I'd pass...
  2. thunder58

    R.I.P. Jim Seals of " Seals and Crofts "

    R.I.P. sir . You gave us some good music back then
  3. thunder58

    12 string freaks , what in the world is this thing ??

    ok , wasn't really sure what forum to place this in but here goes . So I'm surfing Facebook Marketplace for the deal of a life time and this pops up . A Framus Texan 12 string ... but what exactly is this thing attached to the sound hole ??? Never seen this before
  4. thunder58

    What type of Bigsby is this

    Calling @Wayne Gretschzky I notice this Bigsby on a gorgeous Country Gentlemen from an episode of " The Monkees " . This was on a guitar that Micheal Nesmith was playing . Looks almost like it would work hand in hand with the mute system
  5. thunder58

    Where's Waldo ?

    Posted this on my High School Facebook page . Find me .....go
  6. thunder58

    PSA - Just passing' along .....

    Stumbled upon an add on Facebook regarding a sale on a Thalia Capo ( The Whiskey Wing ) If you ever wand to try one out , this is a great price . Just passing' along ..... ;) Sale ends this Sunday, May 8th...
  7. thunder58

    Came across a great memory today

    So I'm surfin' Facebook today and this video popped up . In 1977 , I watched Jimmy Page play a 20 minute solo sitting on a chair . Then he stood up and the band played Kasmir . My cousin is a big Zepplin fan as I am too . I gave him my ticket stub a few years back . So glad I made a copy of it...
  8. thunder58

    What song do you wanna hear ------ FREEBIRD !

    Wish I could play like this . Will Wilde , the guy is amazing , Give a listen .........
  9. thunder58

    Water from the bath tub !! ....she' such a girl

    So i was going to soak my humidifiers like I do about once a week . Damp sponges in soap travel containers with holes / Herco humidifier canisters / Damp-it sound hole snakes is the routine . All at the kitchen sink . Herco's soaking on red SOLO cups , Damp-it snakes in water bottles and just...
  10. thunder58

    Locking Tuners .... on an acoustic ???

    So heres what I'm talking / thinking about and I did ask this question on the other guitar forum ... no not that forum ....the U.M.G.F. ( Unofficial Martin Guitar Forum ) So years ago I had a Martin GC-MMV Dreadnaught and it was really nice . The one thing I loved about it was it had gold...
  11. thunder58

    A " BIG SHOUT OUT " to member afire , a true watch maker , a true friend indeed .

    So a few weeks ago we had a thread regarding our watches here on the forum . Lots of members here shared there watches and stories . As some of you know , forum member @afire is a watch extraordinaire who collects , refinishes and repairs quality watches from the 1930s , 1940s and the 1950s ...
  12. thunder58

    Learn everything about Electronics in about 10 minutes

    Here's a great video gang if you're thinking of learning electronics to work on your gear . Enjoy
  13. thunder58

    Bourgeois Guitars - Anyone ever try one ?

    So I got to thinking after seeing Tony's NGD thread regarding that gorgeous Collings Acoustic .......... I'm a big fan of Josh Williams , bluegrass picker for Rhonda Vincent & The Rage . I've met him , talked with him and he's just a " salt of the earth " kind of " good ole boy " type of guy and...
  14. thunder58

    If it helps : Font size

    ( Although the suggestion was put in , you may want to for now ) I know things are new around here , but if it helps , each time you post , you may want to get in the habit of scrolling down on the " font " tab before you begin to type . I've been getting comfortable with size " 18 " . It's a...
  15. thunder58

    R.I.P. Howard Hessman / T.V.s Dr. Johnny Fever WKRP in Cincinnati

    Howard Hessman passed away at the age of 81 . Not starting 2022 off on a good note and it's not even February yet R.I.P. Howard
  16. thunder58

    Oh no ... R.I.P. Comic Louie Anderson

    Comic Louie Anderson passed away today at 68 yrs young from diffuse large B cell lymphoma , a blood cancer . R.I.P. Louie and thanks for the laughs
  17. thunder58

    R.I.P. Meatloaf

    I just heard that Meatloaf ( Michael Lee Aday ) passed away yesterday at 74 yrs young . His family was by his side and had a chance to say their goodbyes . R.I.P. Meatloaf and thank you for one of the greatest albums of all time .
  18. thunder58

    What is it about the music that makes us smile ..........

    So I just finished watching this video that @loudnlousy posted . I noticed how all the musicians in the video were always smiling ....until the end .... when the song was over . I don't know what it is about playing music , but I smile too :) , or at least feel so good about myself when I play ...
  19. thunder58

    Watch you looking at ..... just showing off the bling

    Picked this up at my first visit to the Martin Factory about 25 years ago . In the words of STYX .....too much time on my hands ( tick tick tick tickin' away )
  20. thunder58

    R.I.P. Ronnie Spector

    R.I.P. Ronnie and thank you
  21. thunder58

    Sneak peak : New Trem System unveiled at NAMM this year

    The latest in Tremelo Systems is being unveiled this year at NAMM . I understand the same company that manufactured the Robo-Tuner has the patent on this too . Enjoy the day gang :p
  22. thunder58

    R.I.P. Bob Saget

    Found in a hotel room in Orlando , no foul play suspected according to the Sheriffs Dept . 65 yrs young R.I.P. Bob Saget , you were a stand up type of guy
  23. thunder58

    WELL ! I've never heard of such a thing .....

    Watch what he does with the spring :eek: OMG !!!
  24. thunder58

    R.I.P. Sir Sidney Poitier

    I just heard that Sir Sidney Poitier passed away yesterday at the age of 94 . He was appointed a Knight of the British Commander of the British Empire , that entitled him to use the title " Sir " though chose not to do so . A class act . Thank you Sir Sidney
  25. thunder58

    NHD -Anni model

    That's right ! ... New Harmonica Day . Most of you know I'm a harp / harmonica lover all my life . Besides playing them , I really enjoy collecting them , especially the " Signature Models " and " Anniversary Models ". Signatures and Annies are never played and some are still in their wrapping...