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  1. brownie

    STARRY NIGHTS - A relaxing Shadows style instrumental.

    Yet another original instrumental inspired by the great Shadows. (Just can't seem to drag myself away from the 60's. Hope you guys enjoy.
  2. brownie


    Another original that I wrote some 12 years ago but updated it a little recently. Rock fans please be patient as it starts off quite slowly. Hope you guys enjoy.
  3. brownie

    TRANQUILO - A new original in the style of The Shadows.

    A laid back instrumental for you guys to relax to after a hard day. Hope you enjoy.
  4. brownie

    SHE GOT THE LOOK - Another original recording.

    A little bit of rock n' roll. Hope you guys enjoy.
  5. brownie

    ENOUGH OF YOUR LIES -An original blues/rock type ballad.

    Please excuse the video guys as I couldn't find anything suitable, so, I've just put up a photo of my humble recording equipment minus my Gretsch and thinline Tele.
  6. brownie

    JIGGY -A bouncy little instrumental

    This is one of my old instrumentals that I wrote some 15 years ago. It's one of the very few songs that came through right away, so I suspect that I may have heard it or something like it in the past; if that's the case please forgive me. If anybody recognises the tune please comment. All...
  7. brownie

    ENOUGH IS ENOUGH - Another new original

    A bouncy little number; having difficulty classifying the genre.
  8. brownie

    TOMAHAWK - Another original Ventures/Shadows style instrumental

    Sorry guys, just can't seem to drag myself away from the 60's! Anyway, just give it a whirl and all comments appreciated.
  9. brownie

    BACK HOME - One of my older original C&W songs.

    A new, original easy listening Country song for all you guys that have to work away from the family for any length of time. Hope you guys enjoy
  10. brownie

    DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO - Another original I wrote some years ago.

    This is one which I wrote some 30 years ago and recorded it on my now defunct BR 600 about 14 years ago. It's always been my son and daughters favourite and the video at the time was courtesy of one of my grandsons. It's for all the guys who have nagging wives! (Ladies, please don't take...
  11. brownie

    DREAMLAND - A relaxing original Shadows 60's style instrumental.

    Hopefully this will help towards soothing away some of the covid blues as we climb out of this dreadful epidemic.
  12. brownie

    MYSTERY GIRL - An original ballad

    Another new song for you guys on this great forum Hope you enjoy my latest offering.
  13. brownie

    THE WILD WEST - a new, original 60's style instrumental.

    An instrumental in the style of the 60's inspired by my two favourite instrumental groups The Ventures/Shadows. Hope you guys enjoy.
  14. brownie

    I FEEL LIKE CRYING -A new rather sad original ballad

    I know that mosy people prefer feel good songs, but hey, the big O made a fortune with sad ones!
  15. brownie

    BLUE SKIES - An instrumental to hopefully brighten up your day.

    Happy new year to all on this great forum. I hope that this will be a better year for all and that the blue skies in the video (if not the song!) brightens up your day a little.
  16. brownie

    DON'T LET ME DOWN - Another original.

    A rock ballad.
  17. brownie

    IS THIS THE GIRL FOR ME? - An upbeat original.

    Another original; sorry about the video; couldn't fiind suitable material! Hope you guys enjoy.
  18. brownie

    EVERYBODY NEEDS A LITTLE LOVE - Another original

    A feel good ballad for these turbulent times. Couldn't find suitable content for the video, so I've used photos of my home recording gear (you may laugh, but I hope it's at least of interest to some.) Anyway, everybody likes guitar pics, no!
  19. brownie

    MISTY MORNING - A relaxing original instrumental.

    My first ever instrumental which I did some 13 years ago, which I've recently redone. Hope you guys enjoy.
  20. brownie

    YOU'RE THE ONE - A new, original ballad

    A romantic ballad to remind us of our loved ones. Hope that you guys approve.
  21. brownie

    HEY MAMA - Something a bit different!

    Hey Mama is a song which I wrote quite some time ago when I bought ny Kurzweil synthesizer. It's meant to be a bit of fun to lighten up these dark days. Don't be too harsh on it; at least it's a good one to exercise to!
  22. brownie

    TELSTRAT BOOGIE - A Shadows type 60's instrumental.

    Another original in 60's boogie style. Hope you guys approve.
  23. brownie

    COUNTRY BOY - Another original C&W song.

    This was my first attempt at a C&W song and was recorded some years ago on my Boss BR 600. Hope that you guys enjoy.
  24. brownie

    BITTERSWEET - Another original song that I wrote quite some time ago

    It's a bit different from my usual style (depends on what comes into my head!) and was recorded on my BR600. Anyway, hope that you guys approve.
  25. brownie

    THE SIOUX - Another original instrumental in Shadows/Ventures style Hope you guys enjoy. All the best for the festive period.