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  1. Dice

    Greetings and salutations

    Greetings! I think everyone has their own style, anyway. Whatever makes you happy!
  2. Dice

    Here At Last

    Alright! Glad you’re here! Lots of good information around this forum.
  3. Dice

    Finally glad to be here . . .

    Yay! Glad you’re here!
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  5. Dice

    Hi all

    Welcome, Tycho!
  6. Dice

    Modding Electromatic

    Wow! Excellent craftsmanship!
  7. Dice

    Not new, but it’s been a few years…

    Welcome back!
  8. Dice

    Beginner guitar player

    Welcome! I’m happy for you taking up what has been a winding path kind of pastime for me. I have had spurts and sputters all along. Just don’t give up. You’ll get it! Even a simple chord done well is a great sound and you have two instruments that are certainly up to the task. And like...
  9. Dice

    Another prodigal returns

    Very nice! Someday I’ll add to my “only child” collection and your set is a good target!
  10. Dice

    Chance Novak/New Member

    Your guitar and mine are twins! Obviously You have great taste. Welcome!
  11. Dice

    Hi all.

    Howdy and welcome!
  12. Dice

    Something is going on

    Seems like another example of taking interaction out of relationships. Our final Hoo-Rah before the shutdown of COVID in 2020 was a St. Patrick’s Day party with friends on our back porch. We live out, so we can make racket of many styles. We had a blast playing music totally unrehearsed...
  13. Dice

    Come With Me

    Bravo!! I love it! Thank you for sharing your work.
  14. Dice

    Music and Happiness

    This one never fails to make me smile. Even better if heard as the finale of the entire “Concerto for a Rainy Day” on ELO’s album “Out of the Blue”.
  15. Dice

    Music and Happiness

    Haha! Agreed.
  16. Dice

    The Beatles : "She Loves You" (sans vocals)

    Interesting! Thanks for sharing.
  17. Dice

    NGD (batch) The six week streak.

    Wow! Very nice!
  18. Dice

    Best clean amps

    This is what I have. Beautiful sound! Quite heavy to lug around, but worth it.
  19. Dice

    5427 updates?

    No major problems with my 5427 midnight sapphire. I will be changing out strings soon and when I do, I’ll check over the setup and make it exactly what I want for my style, as warranted. I enjoy it greatly!
  20. Dice

    Finish special runs

    Beautiful guitars, all! What an amazing collection, Audept!!
  21. Dice

    Martin HD28, for all the Martin fans out there.

    Beautiful guitar! Good move getting it set up professionally. My D-15 was good, I thought, until I took it to a professional about a weird buzz on the G. Had the frets set right, neck set and action adjusted. Right up there with the best money I ever spent.
  22. Dice

    New Streamliner owner

    Bagpipe is so cool! Went to a wedding in Nashville a few weeks back and just prior to the bride coming down the aisle, a piper in full regalia processed to the altar playing a tune the name of which escapes me now. It was a beautiful start! Gave me chills!! Welcome aboard!!
  23. Dice

    New here

    Sweet guitar! Welcome! Where does your band play?
  24. Dice

    Low E Buzz

    Your story is definitely an inspiration to me. You made me think of Tom Petty’s “Won’t Back Down”. As for me, I’m getting kind of old and do physical work daily (ranching). Arthritis is really creeping up on me hard. I want to make sure to stay passionate about playing, like you! The...
  25. Dice

    Things I like about Gretsch that sets it apart from the others

    Lots of additional pluses, but I really like how a Gretsch sends vibes. Just something about feeling the tone in addition to hearing it.