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  1. Falconetti

    NGD - Yes I did.

    It is certainly a very pretty guitar. Glad it plays as well as it looks. It’s great when a plan comes together. Of course now I’m gassing over that Setzer Hotrod which I both need and deserve. Here we go again……
  2. Falconetti

    NGD - Yes I did.

    There now…..isn’t that better ? Resistance is futile. Congratulations
  3. Falconetti

    MonaLisa twins new original song

    Absolutely beautiful vocals on this and the are both very talented. Has very much a Beatles feel to it imho. Buy it. Tell your friends to buy it. Tell your gran to buy it. Buy copies and give them to sad looking people on the bus. It's just good karma.
  4. Falconetti

    Who has a garden going?

    Plenty of plastic grass around in southern England just now. I find it a bit sad but can appreciate the practicality if mowing stops you from playing your Gretsch. My garden like most of my things is an expression of my taste and a result of a lot of thought and consideration. It is also...
  5. Falconetti

    NGD 9 months after ordering

    Congratulations. Such patience. I bought my 6120 in the afternoon and played a gig with it 3h later. I had to know how it sounded at full volume doing its job. It was and remains a superb instrument.
  6. Falconetti

    On the board now...

    Welcome brother. A World of Gretsch awaits you. Resistance is futile.
  7. Falconetti

    Cheap Guitars…

    What kind of fretboard does that Bugatti have, does it have a pick up and does it count as a cheap guitar ? This is like talking to my cousins at a wedding…..a perfectly normal conversation about cheap guitars suddenly veers off into 1920’s Italian racing cars for absolutely no understandable...
  8. Falconetti

    Hello Eh!

    Welcome. Come in by the fire. Warm yourself and tell us all about your guitars…..
  9. Falconetti!!!

    Thats’s great. Congrats from me…..and thank your very understanding wife !! Can’t wait to see the pics
  10. Falconetti

    Thinking of selling the 65 Corvette

    Ok. Fair enough. I still say….’it has its hat and coat on’…as they say in my part of the World. Good luck with it.
  11. Falconetti!!!

    That’s right mate. Somewhat irritatingly wives do have a tendency to be inconveniently right in my strictly limited experience of the subject.
  12. Falconetti


    Welcome my friend. Friendliest forum anywhere and some seriously smart people on here. Your first Gretsch is a real beauty. I find they seem to come along in groups of 3 or more. Just sayin’
  13. Falconetti!!!

    She’s a keeper that one. Take real good care of her. I can’t believe how lucky I am to be (still) married to the same wonderful lady after so many years of my own ‘special’ brand of rock and roll nonsense.
  14. Falconetti

    Thinking of selling the 65 Corvette

    Set it and yourself free. Asking this forum if you should sell says to me that at some level you have made up your mind and already know the answer. Just box it up and move it on. $500 isn’t going to buy you much but what is the value of a guitar which doesn’t get played ? To me that...
  15. Falconetti

    G6118T PE - Talk me out of it!

    I got a mud switch you can have if it is a bother. I never use it.
  16. Falconetti!!!

    I am enjoying this thread. It highlights so many of the issues we players and collectors face in finding our gear and how our tastes vary. I’m a player and all my gear gets gigged so no glass case guitars for me. I don’t like new guitars because they always improve after playing in so I...
  17. Falconetti

    Monteleone LaCorsa in open G

    Very slick. Your playing made my morning. Thanks for posting
  18. Falconetti

    Cheap Guitars…

    That's very, very, very cool. I would happily gig with that guitar.
  19. Falconetti

    Pretty pictures

    The 3 Guitars of the Sonic Apocalypse. They sound even better than they look
  20. Falconetti

    Cheap Guitars…

    No need to have thousands tied up in gear if you don’t feel you want to or can get what you need with an inexpensive guitar. It is about the noise you make with it not the price tag or headstock logo. If I were starting to buy my gear again I would probably buy a well used or damaged 6120...
  21. Falconetti

    I am so fed-up from other people carelessly demolishing my gear

    It’s from Hamlet. Polonius says it to the young prince Hamlet. ‘Neither a borrower nor a lender be, For loan oft loses both itself and friend, And borrowing dulls the edge of husbandry’. I haven’t had any really terrible experiences with people damaging my gear which I have loaned to...
  22. Falconetti

    Corroded Gold Hardware?

    The first 6120 I considered buying was like this with all the gold hardware tarnished and worn. I just put it down to the original owner having particularly caustic sweat and passed on the guitar because it looked rough and …..caustic sweat…..really? Ugh !!. That was 2012 and I bought a...
  23. Falconetti


    Doesn’t seem like Carvin amps are widely available in the UK. All the examples I found were in the US
  24. Falconetti

    Billy-Bo on the cheap ......

    Abandon hope all ye who enter there…. Cheap enough to suck you in but a worthless piece of junk when all is said and done. I am reminded of a quote I once heard which runs something like ……”There is nothing which cannot be made a little cheaper and a little worse by an unscrupulous maker...
  25. Falconetti


    I would also be interested to hear how a normal guitar sounds through this. It may be just the solution for a tone I am searching for and I hate lugging heavy amps around.