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  1. adkteleman

    New vs. 'old' models?

    I have a 2016 G2622 and have played the new Streamliners. I’ll stick with mine. The new ones are good, but to my ears the older Streamliners sound better. I can’t get a bad sound out of mine! Considering I’m a hack, that speaks volumes!
  2. adkteleman

    G2622T pickup change

    I have a 2623, and there is no way I’ll trade out the Broadtrons. With a little adjusting they go from good to great! I get fantastic tones from them! I can’t understand how people just change them out and not really get to know them. No judgement.
  3. adkteleman

    Do you own a guitar that makes you smile and leaves you satisfied everytime you play it????

    This one! I can get such beautiful cleans to great overdrive. The most comfortable guitar I’ve ever played!
  4. adkteleman

    5120's post em up

    Here’s my beauty. It was a 6th Anniversary gift from my wife.
  5. adkteleman

    When did they stop making 5120's

    I may be weird, but I love the Gretschbuckers in mine. A little tweaking and man they sound amazing! Only mid I’ve done was change out the Rattle’omatic bridge for a Compton Stainless steel bridge.
  6. adkteleman

    G5410 Rat Rod colours

    I love BBC the Matt White. Going to order that next!! Yes, I’m a GreTsch whore.
  7. adkteleman

    Difference between the G5435 & G5438

    My G 5435 is a special run Fairlane Blue. I treasure that guitar!
  8. adkteleman

    Great White North Roundup May 2, 2020 Kingston Ontario Canada!

    Man, you can’t help it brother! But, I’ll be there next year! Heck, I’ll boat over!
  9. adkteleman

    Great White North Roundup May 2, 2020 Kingston Ontario Canada!

    I’m in!! I live just across the river in Alex Bay!!
  10. adkteleman

    When did they stop making 5120's

    My wife got mine got me in 2010 as a 6th Anniversary present. I live this guitar and will never sell it!
  11. adkteleman

    Gretsch-Buckers - What's wrong with them

    I love the Gretschbuckers in my 5120. The only mod I’ve made to mine is to change out the noise omatic bridge for a stainless steel Compton bridge. Man it sings!
  12. adkteleman

    G5435 drop in tuner replacements?

    Thanks much! I’ll check them out!
  13. adkteleman

    G5435 drop in tuner replacements?

    Hey all! I have a G5435 Pro Jet in Fairlane Blue. I was wondering if there are any good drop in locking tuners you guys would recommend? I love this guitar, but the tuners are it’s weak point if you ask me. Thanks much!
  14. adkteleman

    Electromatic models made in China - your impressions?

    I’ll say this, my 5343 in Fairlane Blue is the bomb! Sounds killer looks amazing under stage lights and weight the right amount! I’m so glad my wife got it for me as a gift. It is superb in every aspect!
  15. adkteleman

    NGD- Joined the Blue Gretsch Club

    Sweet! I got to play one recently and am going to get one! It played like butter!
  16. adkteleman

    Do you have the Gretsch of your dreams?

    I have my 3! A 5435, 2622 and a 5120. My wife got me all 3 of them.
  17. adkteleman

    Was it a GreTsch Christmas in your house?

    I love GreTsch guitars! Well, 2 years ago my wife bought me a 2622 Streamliner which is awesome as is! The only issue were the tuners! Well, under the tree we’re a set of Grover licking tuners and this amazing book about our beloved guitars! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
  18. adkteleman

    Gretschbucker "clarity" Adjustment

    I made my adjustments to my 5120 and to be honest, I love it so much I won’t be swapping out the pups. My sweet baby sounds incredible now! I’m one happy guy!
  19. adkteleman

    Compton Bridges I am OK

    Glad all is well Wayne!! Keep us posted and remember, no pictures it didn’t happen.
  20. adkteleman

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian friends across the river! Waving at you and hoping it’s s great day with your families.
  21. adkteleman

    Why no GreTsch Bass threads???

    I’m both a guitarist and bassist. I have several Gretsch guitars and a GreTsch Jr Jet II Bass. Why don’t I see any bass threads? I’ll say this my Jet is an amazing bass! Worth far more than the price charged! New bass will be the G5440LSB!
  22. adkteleman

    So I know where your from ... now what ya look like

    My gorgeous wife and me on my retirement from the Army last year. A shot with my bass playing hero from Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Dirk Schumaker
  23. adkteleman

    Do you name your guitars?

    Hence why I name mine! 34 and growing! Lol
  24. adkteleman

    Do you name your guitars?

    My G5120 is called Alisha after my wife who gave her to me as an Anniversary present, my G5435 is called Winter because that’s when I got her and my G2622 called Smokey, because one night when I first got her I was playing out and this old timer came up to me and said “Son, you and that Smokey...
  25. adkteleman

    Gretsch Obsession?

    Well, here’s my story. I’ve played guitar for over 40 years. I’ve had Fenders, Gibson’s, you name it! Lately, I’ve grown more and more attached to my Gretsches. It’s become a point where I don’t play any of my guitars unless they are my Gretsches. From my Projet to my Electromatic to my...