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  1. Marv666

    Best Guitar You've Ever Owned

    Okay sooo, best playing, most fun, coolest looking easily the double anniversary. For Sentimental value it's the 5120, that guitar has been with me since i Was 7/8 years old and got heavily modified along the way. Both have tv classics and i wouldn't say that one Sounds better than the other...
  2. Marv666

    6120s with sound posts

    I prefer the classics
  3. Marv666

    New here and NGD

    Yeah love both Tiger Army and koffin kats too! Also the koffin kats are great dudes!
  4. Marv666

    New here and NGD

    I prefer the classics, the setzers are wayyy more compressed and lack the treble the classics have. And for hitting the amp's front end i use a nocturne brain pedal, same push as hotter pickups but with the clarity and treble of a lower output pickup .... Actually in a psychobilly setting...
  5. Marv666

    NG with a NGD! Lots of questions about this 5445t!

    Welcome, the classic handles dirt perfectly. I'm a high gain Player and still prefer the classic over hotter pickups ... Btw i have a 5445 too and had a classic plus in there for a while, went back to the blacktop in the bridge since that was somehow brighter
  6. Marv666

    New here and NGD

    Welcome, for a nice psychobilly tone you don't need extra hot pickups .... I'm home in the psychobilly/punk World and my Personal favourite pickups are the TV Jones classics. Also hollowbodys can do high gain too, sooo that extra hollowbody you wanna get is not just a rockabilly guitar. And...
  7. Marv666

    TV Jones Ray Butts Pickups

    Lol ray butts are tv jones
  8. Marv666

    Could a G5210 2 P90 take a B3?

    Aren't there also conversion posts that would change the wraparound thread to a stoptail one?
  9. Marv666

    Could a G5210 2 P90 take a B3?

    Love your jet with the b3 and dynas, very tasty!
  10. Marv666

    Question for the masses

  11. Marv666

    Considering some mods to my 6120-TM. A few things to I need to decide

    Yeah i love the mud switch too, never found any use for tone pots (super unnecessary imo) ... Having those 3 different settings at Hand is super useful, just gotta have the right values in the mudswitch
  12. Marv666

    In your opinion,

    GRETSCH GRETSCH GRETSCH GRETSCH GRETSCH And oh , here's an honorable mention : gretsch
  13. Marv666

    Do you like Filtertrons Best With A Hollow Body, Semi-Hollow Body or Semi-Solid Body?

    Filtertrons are my favourite pickups so i think i would like them everywhere .... all i've got is hollowbodys except for 1 jet and 1 acoustic. So yeah i'm a Filtertron and a hollowbody guy so i voted hollowbody
  14. Marv666

    Bigsby B7 Removing The Black Paint

    Nail polish remover worked on an epiphone i had
  15. Marv666

    Gretsch Starter Guitar You Could Play Forever

    Had my 5120 since i was 7/8 years old .... as i grew older i modded it into something that still gets a lot of love eventho having a double anniversary (which i consider the punkier 6120). By age 13/14 it had gotten tv jones classics, and nowadays it also got better tuners, bridge and...
  16. Marv666

    Vintage filtertron or aged hs filtertron??

    Hello, i'm curious to know how to identify a vintage Filtertron. There's someone claiming to sell a vintage filtertron here in germany for a good price, but visually it reminds me of an aged hs filtertron. Can anyone Chime in on if thats a real vintage filtertron or a scam...
  17. Marv666

    Gretsch production moving back to the US?

    Ok boomer 🤣🤣
  18. Marv666

    Why is Michael Guy Chislett signature Falcon not popular?

    It has some weird wood for the top .... maybe thats the answer you're looking for
  19. Marv666

    Help Me Pick A Color - '64 Double Anni

    I got a black electromatic.... Any idea how much a top only refinish would cost? Asking for a friend hahahah
  20. Marv666

    Help Me Pick A Color - '64 Double Anni

    There are plenty of Black gretsch guitars out there, but not much in a Black Metallic .... Black and grey metallic two tone could be cool too! Or heck even Black and white two tone
  21. Marv666

    Help Me Pick A Color - '64 Double Anni

    Yeah i currently got an extreme coolant green hot rod here on loan, looks super cool! In the sunlight it reflects like crazy
  22. Marv666

    Are Streamliners crapola? & New Coral Streamliner

    Solid guitars for sure
  23. Marv666

    For Trade I'm looking for a more recent Nocturne Nailhead, trade for a new Marquesan Stomp?

    @TV the Wired Turtle what are you gonna replace the skull with?

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