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  1. LeSainte

    The sacrilege I want to commit…

    I'm pretty sure you could drop whatever you want in there with minimal modification and an adapter ring. Mini humbuckers will fit for sure with no modification. Full sized humbuckers will probably fit too without modification. They also make tons of Filtertron sized pickups that are more like...
  2. LeSainte

    Regarding the G9500 Jim Dandy

    I string mine with Martin Retro lights these days. I usually keep it in standard, but have some experience playing with it as low a C# standard. Holds up well to Lower tunings and still manges to sound full. I would say D standard is the threshold of what I would want to play on it. C#...
  3. LeSainte


    I don't know nothing about not nothing, but I played a G9230 yesterday at GC (Chrome slide), and it sure as Hell didn't sound cheap. What a gem it was. I wouldn't buy a 12 fret for slide though.
  4. LeSainte

    Jim Dandy Tailpiece help

    Alot of people use the roots tailpiece. I used the G-cutout tailpiece, but had to reshape it in a vice to shorten the length. Don't worry if it floats a little. That's just how tailpieces are. As long as it makes decent contact with the top it's good.
  5. LeSainte

    Stupid Question. Bigsby Spring Dimensions.

    While I can't be 100% given my suboptimal setup (Rosewood saddle, brass nut). I would like to eliminate all the potential issues one-by-one. The spring being the simplest. Pretty positive there is no binding at the nut. So I'm pretty positive it is the spring or the rosewood saddle. Like I...
  6. LeSainte

    Black or White?

    White! White! White! I am a sucker for white guitars. My father has a few Epiphone LPs. A standard and a special. Older ones. They are both absolute machines. I would budget a pickup and electronics swap. I don't know what the one you're looking at comes with, but they're hit or miss on...
  7. LeSainte

    Stupid Question. Bigsby Spring Dimensions.

    Okay. I've never owned a Bigsby. But I do have a Teisco style trem which operates much like a Bigsby. The spring in that is a little weak and doesn't return to pitch sometimes. My fault since I compressed it in the vise to lower the arm height. Does anyone know the inside and outside...
  8. LeSainte

    Jim Dandy and Gin Rickey - the bomb!

    Hey. I'm curious where you got that short "G" tailpiece on that third Jim Dandy. All I can find is the longer one.
  9. LeSainte

    Gin Rickey - what strings are you all using?

    I have a Jim Dandy which I installed a Deltoluxe and a piezo pickup in. I have played with Earthwood Rock and Blues 80/20s. They sound decent but I'm switching away from them because they corrode to fast and are too light. I mount my pickup at a slant so make the treble strings sound a little...
  10. LeSainte

    Unusual Open G tuning?

    No, lol. I think I misread the OP. I tune it up to G. I tune to GBDGBG. I suppse you would tune down to D for GBDGBD.
  11. LeSainte

    Mods to my Jim Dandy

    Wow. I love that tailpiece. I was considering that one but decided to go with the the Gretach G tailpiece. That one fits just right though. Not too short, not too long. I'm so jealous of those blue ones.
  12. LeSainte

    Mods to my Jim Dandy

    Mine is not painted either. I have an area on my guitar where there is a big chunk ground out of the body binding, and it's definitely binding. I've got one of the green ones which is an old limited run. I wish there was a list of all the colours and their years of release. Saddle overhang...
  13. LeSainte

    NGD - Hot-Rodded Jim Dandy

    Adding the tailpiece is super easy. They screw right into the bottom of the guitar near the strap pin. Many of them just use the strap pin as an anchor. Definitely something anyone can do as long as they have a drill or a Dremmel.
  14. LeSainte

    NGD - Hot-Rodded Jim Dandy

    Just ordered one yesterday. I'm hoping for just that.
  15. LeSainte

    Mods to my Jim Dandy

    Thanks. The stock saddle and nut are awful, bottom barrel plastic. I took it to a local guy and had them cut a bone nut and saddle for me. I definitely couldn't have done it myself. The intonation was literally so bad that they had to cut the saddle to overhand over the bridge because is...
  16. LeSainte

    NGD - Hot-Rodded Jim Dandy

    I just watched his video on your guitar this morning. That's great. I'm glad you're happy. How are you liking the tailpiece? I'm considering putting on on mine.
  17. LeSainte

    Mods to my Jim Dandy

    This is true. I have considered a tailpiece on mine for this very reason.
  18. LeSainte

    Mods to my Jim Dandy

    I absolutely love that blue run they did. I want one, but I don't really have the room or the funds to collect every colour Jim Dandy that I like. Check out my thread on my Jim Dandy for some inspiration if you want. I've been going back and forth between adding a trapeze tailpiece. I highly...
  19. LeSainte

    Jim Rickey

    I love my Deltaluxe in my modded Jim Dandy. It doesn't provide a natural acoustic sound, but it is its own thing. I have an old thread if you want to check that out. Instead of electric strings I suggest getting a set of Marton Retro strings. They are monel / nickel acoustic strings.
  20. LeSainte

    Unusual Open G tuning?

    I use this tuning when I play open G. You are just tuning it to the same notes which you fret on an open g chord. It is for this reason why I like it. I tune all the strings up, no down-tuning involved. I have had no issues on any of my acoustic with this and I think it is unlikely you will...
  21. LeSainte

    Short Tail-Mounted Trem System

    Found someone else who did precisely what I want to do, just by top-mounting it. String angle looks good, just worried about the bridge plate binding or wearing down the strings. Could perhaps go sans rollerbar if possible.
  22. LeSainte

    Short Tail-Mounted Trem System

    I would have to route out the body and glue in a block under a trem system of that style. The construction is semi-hollow, which the only block being under the bridge. The top of the guitar is masonite, so pretty wimpy. String angle is not really a concern of mine. I do not believe that will...
  23. LeSainte

    Short Tail-Mounted Trem System

    Danelectro Stock '59 Repro. I will be using either the stock wood bridge or the intonatable bridge. There's roughly five inches from the bridge to the bottom of the guitar.
  24. LeSainte

    B5 Vibramate Tele Kit Question

    Does anyone have any experience with the Vibramate Tele Kit for the Bigsby B5? I want to know if I could use the adapter plate that screws in with the tailpiece to secure a B5 on any flat-top guitar and just not use the ash try. Does anyone know if the Bigsby is secure and stable when doing this?