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  1. bare_bodkin

    Return of the Rally

    Man, might be me but, the OG rally kicks the II's butt, but the II puts up a good, wooly fight. I see the II being a progressive move, geared towards a younger gen looking for modern playability with a vintage flare (especially to those in the know about certain vintage Gretsch models). I'd of...
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  3. bare_bodkin

    6102 Streamliner Neck Reset / Binding Replacement Ride-along

    Not sure how late in the game it would be to ask this question but, did you happen to record the dimensions of the neck screw? I'm doing a neck reset on my 6119 Tenny and I'm considering finding a replacement screw. Seems like mine was lost to the sands of time (before I bought my Tenny).
  4. bare_bodkin

    1964 Viking

    Just like the viking that The Monkees had in their arsenal!