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  1. SAguitar

    Wanted Jr

    That guy kinda liked George's lady too!
  2. SAguitar

    RIP : Astrud Gilberto

    I fell in love with her when I first heard her sing. Thanks dear sister, for all you gave us, and rest in peace.
  3. SAguitar

    NAD!!!! Kind of…….

    I am several years into enjoying the Line 6 Helix, it is doing all I ask of it and still has many other avenues and libraries of tones that I haven't explored yet. But now I'm interested in these cute little boxes!
  4. SAguitar

    Decapitation- not for the squeamish

    Dang! Good glue - good repair! You've got this. Black paint covers a multitude of sins.
  5. SAguitar

    Song Title Game

    Shake Your Moneymaker - Elmore James
  6. SAguitar

    Song Title Game

    Mr. Soul - Buffalo Springfield
  7. SAguitar

    The gall of some people (like me)

    Book 'em Danno! This too will pass, and you can get back to rockin'. My wife says that gall bladder surgery was the best thing she's ever done.
  8. SAguitar

    Song Title Game

    The Long Run - The Eagles
  9. SAguitar


    Teles are tough, they will get over it.
  10. SAguitar

    Song Title Game

    King Bee - Buddy Guy
  11. SAguitar

    NGD G6120-DC

    Wow, that really does brighten up your spectrum! Well played!
  12. SAguitar

    Getting Shocked B/C Strings Not Grounded

    I should quit standing in beer puddles!
  13. SAguitar

    RIP Tina Turner

    Queen of Rock, Tina. Thanks for all you gave us throughout your awesome career. Rest in peace, sister.
  14. SAguitar

    Wound 3rd

    I gave up wound G strings in my first year of playing, and never looked back.
  15. SAguitar

    Al Jaffee RIP

    Al shaped my life, I was a devotee of Mad Magazine for years. Thanks for all you gave us, brother. Rest in peace.
  16. SAguitar

    For Sale Gretsch Super Chet-Axe Inner Body Form

    GLWTS! Some assembly required.
  17. SAguitar

    Any love for the G6136T-RR

    Stunning! That is one beautiful guitar!
  18. SAguitar

    Howdy, this is my new baby.

    Congratulations! Enjoy!
  19. SAguitar

    Bigsby B5, I said I was done with you….

    That Tele still looks badass! Even more so now! Well done, Caleb.
  20. SAguitar

    Silver Threads and Golden Needles

    I was fortunate to see Linda in her barefoot glory and fell instantly in lust. Nice job on a great tune!
  21. SAguitar

    Song Title Game

    Pink Cadillac - Bruce
  22. SAguitar

    New style guitar

    Well, you don't see 'em like that every day! Well done, I love it!
  23. SAguitar

    I'm Rejoining The Gretsch Family

    OK, you've redeemed yourself! Great choice!
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    Very classy!