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  1. WannaGretsch

    Gretsch Single Pickup Guitar?

    Given that albulm cover, it is a bit mind boggling that model is not contemplated in the current line up.
  2. WannaGretsch

    Outkast with G5427T

  3. WannaGretsch

    Hello, all, from Sacramento.

  4. WannaGretsch

    Hello from the Thousand Islands

    What a cool rig, thanks for posting!!! That setup is all I need so why do I have all this other stuff! LOL!
  5. WannaGretsch

    My black Friday loot, Gretsch +++ and I blame

    I was just tallying up the number of guitars I have purchased in the last 2 years and was a little taken aback. I feel a bit more "normal" thanks to this post. LOL! Seriously, nice haul! ADD nightmare for me, all that at once, what in the hay to play??? :)
  6. WannaGretsch

    Joel Paterson – It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas (Official Music Video)

    I just spun his Christmas record on the turntable a few days ago. My new favorite "classic" Christmas album! Thanks for the post, never thought to check youtube...duh!!
  7. WannaGretsch

    Why Gretsch Guitars?

    I use it as my secret weapon. If I am playing a gig and the energy is low for the first set, I put away the Strat and pull out the 135th Gold Anniversary and boom...I'm back in charge!! LOL!
  8. WannaGretsch

    I miss being in the gretsch club! thoughts on this guitar?

    Ouch!! That sucks the long dong big time!! Hope you get it straightened out soon!!
  9. WannaGretsch

    I miss being in the gretsch club! thoughts on this guitar?

    Custom Shop would charge $300 for that chip!! I would leave it myself to document the history of the guitar. You would have to find someone who really knows wood and stain to match that. Better hurry, someone might snag it!! LOL!
  10. WannaGretsch

    I miss being in the gretsch club! thoughts on this guitar?

    Oh man, that Green Sparkle. I know what I would do!!!! Good luck!
  11. WannaGretsch

    Thankful for a Gretsch Day

    Awesome guitars man!!
  12. WannaGretsch

    High sensitive filtertrons?

    HS are a bit more powerful and Gretschie to my ear. The TV Jones have a little more 3D action to them. I have and appreciated both options. I personally would not "upgrade" a guitar equipped with HS pups. (not unless I was trying to take the guitar in a different direction for some reason.)
  13. WannaGretsch

    Thankful for a Gretsch Day

    Please, show me where there is a new/like new country club! for sale! They seem to be unobtainium at the moment.
  14. WannaGretsch

    Thankful for a Gretsch Day

    Turkey in the oven and hours before the glutenous family time, I get a break in the routine to play with my Gretsch guitars! Dust off some Christmas songs with the Chet, the duo got a full cleaning/maintenance and the 135th has a sitar issue across the bridge that I'll dig into. All the while...
  15. WannaGretsch

    Gretsch G 6196T

    I want a VS Cad Green CC sooo bad!! Seems to be currently be unobtainium. :(
  16. WannaGretsch

    new member/5420TG-59 Vintage Orange

    Yep, they got that one right! Enjoy and welcome!!
  17. WannaGretsch

    Why do we like the sound of vinyl?

    This is about as subjective a topic that we can have! LOL! Speaking only to sound, I find that my favorite vinyl records that I purchased when they were more current always fall short on CD. I believe that this is primarily due to the remastering that is done for whatever reason for the new...
  18. WannaGretsch

    What Do You Think Of These New Mono/Tiesco Cases?

    Won't miss that one walking out of the bar from the stage! LOL!
  19. WannaGretsch

    Yet another boring NGD

    NGD = NOT boring!! Nice one!
  20. WannaGretsch

    135th Anni first date! (Gig corner shot)

    I have always loved the feel of Anniversary models but the ebony fretboard on the 135 push me over the edge!
  21. WannaGretsch

    Does a Penguin/Duo Jet fits well in a Mono case?

    I have the classic Semi-Hollow/Electric dual. I carry my Player's Anniversary and my Duo happily in one bag to the gig. LOVE IT!!!
  22. WannaGretsch

    Busy day doing the new guitar wall

    Now THAT is what I look for in a wall! Nothing like the big box or crayons!!! LOL! Super nice man!
  23. WannaGretsch

    135th Anni first date! (Gig corner shot)

    Thanks all! It has another gig tomorrow night so I am looking forward to see how the followup works out!
  24. WannaGretsch

    Guitar Collecting

    Some come in, some go out. It is really an organic process. I usually peak at 10 guitars but almost never have less than 5. Every purchase and every sale seemed to make complete sense to me at the time! :)
  25. WannaGretsch

    135th Anni first date! (Gig corner shot)

    1st outing with the new 135th Anni. Worked really well! Vintage Sound amp, few Boss pedals and a mini wah for that 3rd hour and I'm running out of stuff to say. LOL! I don't use the compressor with the filters, I use that when I bring a Strat. The Strat may not see much stage time for awhile...