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  1. tomazb

    Nice move Billie Joe

    That's really cool.
  2. tomazb

    First memory of a gretsch- what's yours?

    Sylvain Sylvain of the New York Dolls with his falcon ... It was a live video from a TV show. I heard the music before, knew stories about the cool Johnny Thunders... and assumed this must be the guy :)
  3. tomazb

    Your First Pedal

    The Boss turbo distortion... It's also the first pedal I sold :)
  4. tomazb

    New Epiphone Day

    It was on my radar for a long time... it would be still, I just don't connect with HB pickups as I did.
  5. tomazb

    A night of Rockabilly

    I have 2 kids, same story! I got brave and actually bought tickets for a Ministry gig, but then the whole tour got cancelled :D
  6. tomazb

    Happy Birthday Poison Ivy!

    She deserves way more recognition. She's so underrated and I'm sure she's an inspiration to many. I hope she knows that!
  7. tomazb

    Happy Birthday Poison Ivy!

  8. tomazb

    Gretsch Jet or a Jazzmaster?

    I have the same dilemma so I'm happy it popped out again! I'm leaning towards a jet, the budget 5230T... But planning to get a jazzmaster one day too.
  9. tomazb

    Black Guitars

    Currently I don't own a black guitar... but I know I should!
  10. tomazb


    Great! Something like this is on my list too!
  11. tomazb

    New Gretsch/First Gretsch Day

    Welcome and enjoy your new guitar!
  12. tomazb

    Tremolo Pedals

    Not a heavy tremolo user, the Danelectro Cool Cat Tremolo does it for me.
  13. tomazb

    RIP Burt Bacharach

  14. tomazb

    NUGD G6122-1959

  15. tomazb

    I Don't Need to Get Rid of Anything

    I have three guitars, more than I need (and deserve). Selling the Epi LP is always on my mind, but somehow I never do it. I would like to get a jet styled one. In that case I might really sell the LP. I would part with the 6120 or the Falcon only if really forced to.
  16. tomazb

    Gretsch production moving back to the US?

    Only the quality is important.
  17. tomazb

    I Would Never Sell Any Of My Gretsches Unless ...

    There is some gear I sold... but I try to make it sure I won't miss it someday before I do it. I would miss my Gretsches, so I hope I won't have to sell them!
  18. tomazb

    Really digging the demo of this.

    I never heard of it till now. Sounds cool!
  19. tomazb

    GAS... 5230T?

    Typo :)
  20. tomazb

    GAS... 5230T?

    Thinking about adding a guitar to my collection. I have a 6120, a Falcon and P90s Epiphone LP. First I was looking for a Jazzmaster, but in the end the Squier CV doesn't seem the best idea. Next one could be a Fender Vintera but somehow I really can't bond with it. Somewhere in the future I...
  21. tomazb

    Tom Verlaine of the group Television has passed - age 73

    Sad. I Think their debut album and the band in general is so underrated.
  22. tomazb

    hello from Italy

    Ciao and welcome from you neighbour country! I bought my Falcon (used) from a guy in Milano.
  23. tomazb

    The Rainbow - documentary

    Nice tip! Yeah, radio... I listen to only a few, limited to those accessible from the Internet. Trash Can Radio, BBC6,... The latest addition is Radio Caroline :)

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