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  1. Maguchi

    Barebones rig

    A Tele and a Vibrichamp Reverb
  2. Maguchi

    Acoustics and overdrive.

    Cool, so a Green Bullet should give you a distorted sound with a acoustic guitar. Wasn't really trying for a Stones sound, but it's worked well for me on recordings. Yeah, don't think we're looking for clean to get distortion out of a acoustic. I think I will check out what a low impedance mic...
  3. Maguchi

    Maestro Mariner Tremolo & Fender Hammertone Space Delay

    I like your choice of type of essential effects. My first couple choices would be similar types. Pics?
  4. Maguchi

    What are you playing today?

    A Gretsch Tennessee Rose with HiLo'trons. A Tweed Champ and a T-Rex Replicator D'Luxe Tape Echo. For pickguards, I had the best luck with WD Music so far before yet.
  5. Maguchi

    Acoustics and overdrive.

    I tried it before with a piezo pickup and I didn't really like the sounds I was able to get. I've also used a magnetic soundhole pickup, and as @cielski says, "Whether you use a piezo or soundhole pickup, it's now an electric guitar." So rather than doing that, you might as well use a dedicated...
  6. Maguchi

    Page 9-14 ?

    Hmm, interesting method based on major, minor and perfect intervals from the tonic of the key. I just think bII minor (or major), II minor (or major), bIII etc. The way they teach commercial harmony in colleges is that the terms minor and major would be reserved to identify chord quality. And...
  7. Maguchi

    Page 9-14 ?

    Yeah I don't have the Johnny Smith book. But I knew right away that sequence of notes or chords or scales was the circle of 5ths with the relative minors mixed in. When I was taking lessons, that was the sequence i was taught to use to practice scales, arpeggios and chords. Learning that way had...
  8. Maguchi

    Mini Hum alternative?

  9. Maguchi

    NGD Preorder of Eastwood TG-150 Tenor guitar

    Holy Guacamole🥑, that is so COOL!
  10. Maguchi

    Older Posts With Pictures Blocked Out

    What up wit dat?
  11. Maguchi

    What are you listing to ?

    What are you listing to ? 5° to starboard.
  12. Maguchi

    Desert Island Gear

    Gretsch 6120 Nashville Dynasonic Players Edition Fender Tweed Deluxe Reissue Ibañez AD-9 Analog Delay (for slapback) P.S. It's cool that for their only pedal people are posting loopers, reverbs and tremelos instead of drives, dirt or boost. It gives me high hopes for clean guitar sounds into...
  13. Maguchi

    Preamps- what are they??

    A preamp is a circuit you can plug directly into a power amp, then into a guitar cab to amplify your guitar. Although you can also plug these types of "standalone" preamps into the front of an existing guitar amp or into the effects loop of an amp. Over the last 3 or 4 decades preamp has also...
  14. Maguchi

    Nickel plating vs. Chrome

    Nickel plating vs. Chrome Yes
  15. Maguchi

    Vox ac15 tubes

    ^^^Ditto. I had good luck and got good sound from JJs in Fender, Vox and Marshall amps before so far up 'til now.
  16. Maguchi

    Wound 3rd

    Both my 6119 and 6120 hollowbodies came with 11-49 strings with an 18 plain 3rd string and sounded and played great right out of the box. I tried a wound 3rd a couple times and it was nice. Both my 6119 and 6120 have adjustomatic bridges, so the guitars intonated good with both wound and unwound...
  17. Maguchi

    NGD: 2017 Tennessee Rose.

    Congrats, that's a beauty, hope you enjoy it. Love them Tennessee Roses. I got a 2021 Players Edition and been playing the heck out of it.
  18. Maguchi

    RIP Tina Turner

    Oh no! Tina passed?😥 I always liked her. A strong and motivated woman. Rest in peace, and well done.
  19. Maguchi

    Tweed Radios

    Yeah, I seen a bunch a old classic Strats and LPs that were butchered by do it your selfers in the late '70s early '80s to add Floyd Rose tremelos and locking nuts to them too. Probly seemed like a good thing at the time. There's plenty of small, medium and large tube amp options without...
  20. Maguchi

    Tweed Radios

    It's not that hard to build an amp from scratch. Many small tube amp manufacturers are making them. Why sacrifice a beautiful old radio, when you can build an amp with modern materials. I listen to AM 1070 here in SoCal for maybe a half hour a day. One of the few places you can get quick...
  21. Maguchi

    Phaser... what do you have, what do you like?

    ^^^Ditto. +1 for the EHX Small Stone Phaser
  22. Maguchi

    Got a favorite cheesy movie?

    This is Spinal Tap 1984
  23. Maguchi

    Nickel plating vs. Chrome

    As long as the guitar sounds good and plays smooth, I don't really care what plating is on the hardware parts.
  24. Maguchi


    Can't go wrong with a Princeton or Deluxe!

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