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  1. cielski

    Interest poll european made bar bridge

    I'm a 'buy local' guy. I'd think that there'd be plenty of folks in Europe that would prefer not to have to pay excessive shipping costs and import taxes. Check out other bar bridges and go from there. Good luck on your endeavor.
  2. cielski

    Hello from Manchester , England

    Hi. How's it goin'? Welcome to the asylum.
  3. cielski

    Song Title Game

    "Stand"---Sly & the Family Stone
  4. cielski

    Jokes thread

    Old grizzled cowboy goes into a barber shop for a haircut and a shave. Haircut goes fine, and the guy's happy with it. The barber tells him that he's too wrinkled to do a proper close shave, but he has a solution. He hands the cowboy a small wooden ball, then tells him to put it in his mouth...
  5. cielski

    Song Title Game

    "Night And Day"---Cole Porter
  6. cielski

    White Falcon <> Stereo Conversion

    That's the way to be truly in stereo---two full range output signals.
  7. cielski

    In Remembrance… Memorial Day 23

    I lost an uncle in a B-24. Another uncle and my major professor both carried wounds suffered in the Battle of the Bulge. My Dad wouldn't say much about the B-17 he was crew chief on, and even less about the horrors of Dachau where he worked as an interpreter. Some scars are invisible.
  8. cielski

    80F+ and humidity climbing

    We're supposed to get into the 90Fs this week. Humidity will be up there as well. Not looking forward to it.
  9. cielski

    Roy Clark was funny

    Yootoob has a video of Roy Clark and Glen Campbell doing a duet of "Ghost Riders". Glenn matched Roy note for note---on a 12 string. Two of the all-time best.
  10. cielski

    1968 Blackhawk at GC

    Some preamp tubes were actually housed in metal instead of glass. I think it was a cost saving measure. The cans you're talking about are like a small scale Faraday cage.
  11. cielski

    NHD on order

    Hohner makes (made?) a dedicated 5 watt harmonica amp with reverb and XLR output. Seeing that Shure Green Bullet going for 175 Euros is kinda funny considering they were made cheaply in large numbers for military communications use during WWII. They're crystal/piezo mikes---the same things that...
  12. cielski

    1968 Blackhawk at GC

    Tube shields actually have a purpose---to shield from stray electronic noises. This 'thing' doesn't have a use other than to add unwanted noises.
  13. cielski

    Song Title Game

    "Born TO Run"---Bruce
  14. cielski

    NAD...VOX Brian May Signature MV 50, and head-phone Amp.

    Yeah! That's the one. Can you imagine the awesome noise he got playing thru that into a dozen AC30s?
  15. cielski

    80F+ and humidity climbing

    Indiana---Where you can wear a parka and shorts the same day.
  16. cielski

    NAD...VOX Brian May Signature MV 50, and head-phone Amp.

    Anyone remember the last Vox/Brian May offerings? Small white battery powered amp? I wonder what the collector's status is on that.
  17. cielski

    Barebones rig

    Learned a half dozen chords and some basics in the mid '60s on a Silvertone amp-in-case rig. Left that behind as playing keyboards I was a in much higher demand. Lived with just a $69.95 Voxton acoustic for years. Tossed a soundhole pickup in it when I needed to get loud. Still have it. I'd...
  18. cielski

    Goin' Back - Byrds cover posted

    Nicely done! The four-part harmonies are amazing. I've got a whole load of Byrd's tune requests as well. It'd make me "Feel A Whole Lot Better".
  19. cielski

    80F+ and humidity climbing

    Mine too. She's my little space heater. Still a hottie after all these years. It's always humid here. Makes breathing with COPD no fun. Maybe my gills will come in this year. We always have summer conventions and such on campus, often national and international groups. A common remark is...
  20. cielski

    Song Title Game

    "I'm Free"---The Who
  21. cielski


    Oi! Hellava deal!
  22. cielski

    Unexpected music

    I remember visiting my in-laws and my serious country & western fan mother-in-law was listening to Dan Fogelberg & Eric Weisburg's "Twin Sons of Different Mothers". She was a constant surprise. Definitely unexpected music.
  23. cielski

    Acoustics and overdrive.

    One reason Green Bullets were used by a lot of harp players is that they were really cheap. It's hard to figure out what some musicians want as they really don't know what the sound guy needs to do for them. Hard to be a mind reader when the library's empty.
  24. cielski

    80F+ and humidity climbing

    I'll spend the next four months in my air-conditioned bunker just so that I can breathe.
  25. cielski

    Roy Clark was funny

    Hee---Haw! Roy was a funny guy as well as a smoking hot guitar player. He did a lot of comedic musical bits when he started out. Lots of yootoob videos out there with him being silly. Roy walked into a bar I was in while stationed in Topeka KS back in '70. Second time I'd been in there---3.2...