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  1. BuddyHollywood

    Tone observation

    I remember playing a solo show at a small sports bar. I decided to use electric guitars instead of an acoustic. The guitar I thought would be my backup guitar quickly became my main guitar once I plugged them both in and heard which guitar sounded better for the room.
  2. BuddyHollywood

    TVJ Powertrons vs. Classic Plus & Supertron combo

    I installed a Power'Tron Plus in the bridge of my Duo Jet with a 1 meg CTS volume pot with a treble bleed. It's paired up with a Dynasonic in the neck also with a 1 meg volume pot with a treble bleed. So, for your 5120 I would recommend a Power'Tron Plus in the bridge with a 1 meg CTS pot and...
  3. BuddyHollywood

    Tri five, Ratrod, 5420 or 5422

    I love the sound and playability of 5422s. They are one of my favorite sounding Gretsch guitars in any line. When I was shopping for what I would want for my 1 hollow body guitar I narrowed it down to a 5422 when I stumbled on a 50th Anniversary Epiphone Casino with Gibson P90s for a price...
  4. BuddyHollywood

    Guitars of your past.

    I owned a Squier Bullet before this one but this was my first really good guitar. I bought it off a guy walking down the street with it for $100. It's a MIJ E Series 1980s Fender Stratocaster. I had a Seymour Duncan JB installed in the bridge. It was my only guitar for about 10 years. After...
  5. BuddyHollywood

    It's happening, ordered a G2622T Streamliner CB in Torino Green

    Congratulations! I love playing these when I find one in a music store. You may only need to address the nut slots and maybe the bridge slots for tuning stability. You can save your money on bridges and locking tuners. I have locking tuners on a couple of guitars and I still don't...
  6. BuddyHollywood

    Gretsch Model That Doesn't Exist

    I'm going to take advantage of the Gretsch and Fender relationship. I would like a 25.5" scale length Duo Jet made out of chambered alder with a maple neck. For pickups it would have an HS Filtertron in the bridge, a Broadcaster Telecaster bridge pickup in the middle and a Fat '50s...
  7. BuddyHollywood

    2009 Duo Jet G6128TDS

    I think it had Gretsch Dynasonics.
  8. BuddyHollywood

    No COA... Dealbreaker?

    I think they may have been implemented. If you are able play both guitars and see which one suits you best regardless of specs and documentation.
  9. BuddyHollywood

    Setting musical goals and meeting them. Your approach...

    I want to play in tune, in time with a good feel and sing in key.
  10. BuddyHollywood

    Fender twin speaker upgrade

    Vintage 30s would probably be the easiest speakers to sell. I'm sure you would have had multiple good offers if you tried to sell them here.
  11. BuddyHollywood

    I know it's GT, but Wildkat is kind of close

    You and your Wildkat sound great together!
  12. BuddyHollywood

    Not loving the blacktops in my 5420

    You don't need to invest in TV Jones. The Gretsch HS Filtertrons are great pickups and come in most of the Pro-Line Gretsch guitars. There are also other aftermarket Filtertron style pickups of varying prices. TV Jones are expensive but they are also stellar.
  13. BuddyHollywood

    Is two better than one?

    I'm impressed every time I pick up a 2622 in a Guitar Center to mess around on. I still have to plug one in someday. I love the way they feel.
  14. BuddyHollywood

    Is two better than one?

    Why do you feel you need another guitar? Figure out what you're missing and then search for a guitar that delivers that. Maybe check out some of the Streamliners. They are different enough but still Gretsch and they are priced new for what a used Electromatic goes for.
  15. BuddyHollywood

    Ngd 6128 ds

    Buy Pro-Line Gretsch guitars from Rocky at StreetSounds if you want good service.
  16. BuddyHollywood

    Favourite Gretsch Tailpiece

    I've done this and I like the results. I think the G Tailpiece is the best option but my favorite is the Gibson style stop bar tailpiece. If I bought a Gretsch with the V tailpiece I would most likely swap it out for a straight bar. I heard they fit.
  17. BuddyHollywood

    Your First Pedal

    My first pedal? The Boss Metal Zone baby! I bought it because my first amp was a Fender Frontman from the 1980s and it had no crunch. This pedal gets a lot of flack but it can be subtle if you want it to. I haven't plugged it in years. My Carvin Bel Air provides all the saturation I need...
  18. BuddyHollywood

    Is it worth it having a 'Holy Grail'??

    I believe it pays off to pursue your holy grail instruments if you're chasing the sounds they make. For me only a Gretsch Jet sounds like a Gretsch Jet. Only a 3 ply Ludwig bass drum sounds like a 3 ply Ludwig bass drum. The Fender Precision bass is the one. Once I realized that only a Jet...
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  20. BuddyHollywood

    Gibson ES-295 Alternatives

    If you don't want to save up for a Gibson you could add some humbucker sized P90s to this G2420. It's the closest Gretsch.
  21. BuddyHollywood

    Can you purchase Stock Gretsch P90?

    I've tried 3 different humbucker sized P90s. Kent Armstrong's sound very balanced. They are very clear and sound pretty close to a vintage Gibson P90. They are probably my favorite of the 3 I've tried and would suit a Gretsch guitar the best. Seymour Duncan Phat Cats have that high mid P90...
  22. BuddyHollywood

    Why do Terada Falcons have 22 frets?

    I was following your trail.
  23. BuddyHollywood

    Why do Terada Falcons have 22 frets?

    + = 22. It's one more idnit.
  24. BuddyHollywood

    Gretsch hard to play?

    As much as I had a ton of fun with a Bigsby one of the reasons I replaced it with a G Tailpiece is the slinkier feel. The Bigsby contributes to the stiffness of the strings all else being equal.