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    Run To Me, Bee Gees 1972

    Hi @Camaban , Thank you so very much for your support and love!!! I am so grateful for your feedback!!! With love and respect, Rene
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    Rockabilly - ‘59 6120 Chet Atkins

    Excellent sounds, and simply beautiful guitar!!! I love your playing, and the licks are great, love 'em!!!
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    I'm Not In Love, 10cc 1975

    Thank you so much for your love and support, @slickdpdx , @J Bird !!! You guys are so awesome, and so appreciated! Respectfully, Rene
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    John Riley - Byrds cover video posted

    Love these classics. And the version is so lovely. Thanks for this beauty!
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    Sailing, Christopher Cross 1980

    You are simply so awesome, my friend!!! I am so so thankful for you, and your solid support! Stay well, and warm regards, Rene
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    Run To Me, Bee Gees 1972

    "Run To Me" by the Bee Gees. Released in 12 April 1972. If ever you got rain in your heart Someone has hurt you, and torn you apart Am I unwise to open up your eyes to love me And let it be like they said it would be Me loving you girl, and you loving me Am I unwise to open up your eyes to love...
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    Wildfire - Michael Martin Murphey cover video posted

    Lovely, simply lovely!!! I am so glad to hear this song in your version. Thank you.
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    Stay With Me Cover Sam Smith

    Thanks for the share! Enjoyed your version.
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    Mortal Kombat Theme Song From Way Back In The Day!!

    Lovely, I like this recording. Very nice guitar tine, and superb playing.
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    Comes A Time, Neil Young 1978

    Thank you so much for your love and support, @juks , @Camaban ! You are so awesome, and I am so grateful!!! Respectfully, Rene
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    We're All Alone, Boz Scaggs 1976

    Thank you so much for your love and support!!! @Freshy @Baba Joe Your response is so appreciated, and I am so grateful!!! Respect and love, Rene
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    Yellow, by Coldplay - Cover by Clarissa

    Thank you so much for your love and support!!! @Ando @Camaban @bot-112358 Your response is so appreciated!!! Love and respect, Rene and Clarissa
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    Heart Full of Soul - Yardbirds cover video posted

    Truly beautiful recording. I love the vocals and the harmony, especially the electric guitar solo. Instrumentation is simply lovely. Love this classic! Thanks for this pro work!!!
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    Be My Baby

    Very cool dog, love the pics and video. Your version of this classic is so loved, truly precious song!!! Love the vocals, @Sonny Poremba !!! Thanks for this beauty! Respectfully, Rene
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    Make It With You, 1970, Bread

    Hi @Synchro , This is superb info. Are you in the music business, maybe a producer? I have a feeling that you were involved with David Gates, and some of his works. Thank you again for the great feedback and interesting factoids!!! Love and respect, Rene
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    I Can't Tell You Why, Eagles 1978

    Hi @tartanphantom , I am so thankful for your wonderful comments. I am also so glad to know that you are in the mid-low baritone singer. Where are you located? And what is you favorite Leonard Cohen song? Have you recorded some of Tom or Leonard songs. Thanks again for the great response...
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    Lately, Stevie Wonder 1980

    Thank you so much for your ,love and support, Lucky Jim!!! Respectfully, Rene
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    The Heart of the Matter, Don Henley 1989

    As always, you are so loved and appreciated, @brownie !!! Your response is always a great anticipated joy!!! Thank you! Love and respect, Rene
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    New Video/Single (Country Club content)

    Love the video, really tells the story! Instrumentation is executed beautifully, done professionally. Love the vocals, so intimate and full of conviction, and the harmony is so nice!!! Very well done!!!
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    EASYGOING - A laid back pop rock song 60's style.

    Love the chord progression, and the record is done very well. Truly, easy going, and love the happy vibe of this song. Your vocals is shining brightly on this tune. Love this, @brownie !!!
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    Atmospheric River

    Hoping for the safety and well being of all affected!!! This is truly, crazy weather, atmospheric imbalance!!! Love the music, and digging your guitar playing, sounds like flowing river!!! Great track. Warm regards, Rene
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    Until I Fall Away - Gin Blossoms cover video posted

    Outstanding production. I love the way your video is set up, and your vocals is truly very nice, and the harmony is simply lovely!!! I love this recording.
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    Lonely People, America 1974

    HI @brownie , As usual, your response is so loved. I am always so happy to be getting your lovely words!!! Thank you, my friend!!! Rene
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    Hang Loose, Tommy Spurlin, all the way from 1956, unplugged

    Very emotional singing, and I love it!!! Accompaniment is perfect t! Love the guitar solo!
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    Sister Golden Hair, America 1975

    Thank you so much @Camaban !!! You are so loved, and so appreciated. Respectfully, Rene