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  1. gasmoney

    5E9-A Tremolux build underway

  2. gasmoney

    Setzer's exact echo time

    Well super cool thx. im 9 songs in on my new all instrumental recording project. im taking my EP1 and EP3 over and have them added to the mix. very excited to hear what this will do. FYI. I’m doing an all instrumental release in the vein of Duane Eddy and Eddie Cochran. It’s very very twang...
  3. gasmoney

    Rockabilly - ‘59 6120 Chet Atkins

    Nice. Clean tone on that there. mine often rolls in the dirty tweed tone After about 2 minutes 🤣 I loved hearing this though. I rarely ever hear a real 59 demo like that one. thanks
  4. gasmoney

    Setzer's exact echo time

    Tavo Whe you said Setzer would run a finished song through an exhoplex-how is that done ? I read the fabulous thunderbirds did that too. What is the actual process ? Plugging an ep2 into the board ??
  5. gasmoney

    Vintage fixed Bigsby handle

    Original 54/55 era arms are pinned to the shaft. They didn’t use an Allen bolt until swivel arms came out around 57’. So with that this arm is either a repro or an original that has been tapped with threads. Looking at it I’d say it’s a reproduction.
  6. gasmoney

    1950s Gretsch Neck Profile and Nut Width Question?

    John I have several 50s 6120s. thye all are different in their shape. I noticed the first batch 16450 series is pretty round. the next batch 16940 is a little nicer with more of a D shape. the 56s I have are both much slimmer and frankly easiest to play. my 59 6120 is about the best of both...
  7. gasmoney

    1958 Falcon

    I definitely think the green falcon is original. Tsurma is smart enough to know wheat from chafe. As stated none of us have seen the label or any other pertinent information about its origin. from my own experience this falcon looks like a special order guitar.
  8. gasmoney

    The rot is real. 1956 Rancher

    I I didn’t do a thing to it aside from changing strings. We weren’t very vintage savvy back then.
  9. gasmoney

    The rot is real. 1956 Rancher

    Yes that was in 93’. Blue Gene Blue. Keith have it all of those wear marks. Many nights at JC Dibbs and the khyber. Rock n roll days.
  10. gasmoney

    The rot is real. 1956 Rancher

    My old rancher. many good memories with that guitar.
  11. gasmoney

    Gibson supposedly now selling certified vintage Gibsons.

    I think they see it as additional revenue stream for Gibson. nothing more. lets see how long they keep this program alive.
  12. gasmoney

    1955 DuoJet converted to White Penguin

    Could you post a link to the eBay sale ? id like to see more pictures of the guitar thanks Fred
  13. gasmoney

    For Rockabilly Which Gretsch

    These orange ones do work well Just add snap shirt and selvage jeans.
  14. gasmoney

    My son died unexpectedly yesterday

    My heartfelt condolences and prayers Fred
  15. gasmoney

    Early sixties Gretsch White Falcon Stereo Single Cutaway

    Ok. After a very deep dive into my photo archive I’ve found a few pics whi knows what the datea are on this pot?
  16. gasmoney

    Early sixties Gretsch White Falcon Stereo Single Cutaway

    I’ve seen other deep dive threads over the years. Especially on the GDP. this one is set to be the all time winner. the rabbit hole has been invaded and no end in sight. PS a I have a picture of one of my pots from my 62 Falcon. ill post it when it’s located.
  17. gasmoney

    Early sixties Gretsch White Falcon Stereo Single Cutaway

    Very cool thread. I also have one from that batch 36864. I remember seeing a single cut stereo falcon that was 36863 or close to it. this is the transition batch and has a lot of very very cool guitars.
  18. gasmoney

    Incredible Walnut Flame 6120

    I yes I told him when I sold it . he was a bit enamored with the fact it was in the new 6120 book at that time. It was a fellow GDP member who lived in Massachusetts.
  19. gasmoney

    Incredible Walnut Flame 6120

    I owned that 6120. I bought it from a GDP memner “bigsbyslur”. He sent the guitar back to gretsch around 63/64 for a refinis. he told me. He has pictures of himself playing the guitar both before and after it was done. He played a lot of USO shows and such. nice guitar. It’s in Ed’s book as well.
  20. gasmoney

    Early 6120 in "Pickin' & Singin' News" Aug. 31 1954

    “The Webster lab”. I like it.
  21. gasmoney

    DIY -- 50s White Falcon Binding

    I bet it would be red dots.
  22. gasmoney

    DIY -- 50s White Falcon Binding

    Those black dots look like they were done in Mikey and tommys basement in 1977. the factory dots on these falcons are best described as indiscernible.
  23. gasmoney

    Show me your 'Other Cool Guitars

    This 52 295 is close to the coolest guiatr ever. TV yellow with fixed arm. And weather checked to perfection
  24. gasmoney

    Incredible Walnut Flame 6120

    I ended up with your old 56’. i made an offer not expecting it to be taken. But it was. what a great guitar this gent above did have bound f holes. I saw it a few times at Gordon’s house in the 80s. it was a fine damn guitar. The f holes looked totally factory done.

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