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  1. FiveAces

    Where to put the forward strap button?

    I think the Penguin location is the best. The proper way is to add a block of wood backing the inside (contoured to fit the curve of the inside) where it's threaded into it. So the strength is in the block and spreading the load over a larger area instead of relying on just thin wood.
  2. FiveAces

    Electromatic Questions

    Not new to Gretsch either, but unlike many of you, I'm not overstocked with Gretsch guitars in my household. I've got a 2006 5120 Electromatic (Made in Korea) and a 5435T Electromatic Pro Jet (Made in China). Love them both and I'm always dropping by Guitar Center trying out and comparing the...
  3. FiveAces

    Stringing a Bigsby: The Nightmare Returns

    Agreed! I've also done that for years and it never gave me a problem. You can even bend it around your finger just enough to preform the bend... then, its easy peasy!
  4. FiveAces

    NGD! 2011 G5120

    Good Info! The finished job definately looks quite good IMO. The key thing is patience doing something like this, but it pays off! Future project worth considering!
  5. FiveAces

    NGD! 2011 G5120

    So just asking.... you said you painted the F holes? ....been thinking of doing it but debating how good it would look. You got pics of yours? (maybe I should start a new post?)
  6. FiveAces

    NGD! 2011 G5120

    Oh yeah!! If you Palm Mute a lot, the Wilkinson Roller Bridge is a real comforble bridge! They definately don't suck the tone... And forgot to list in my mods.... Jack Plates are manditory for survival! (LOL)
  7. FiveAces

    NGD! 2011 G5120

    I love my 5120 (bought it new in 2006 for $499). I did swap pickups ($40 for used 5420 FilterTron BTs) and the bridge several years later, but I kept the old parts! ...and proud to still display the vertical "Electromatic" headstock logo. The change in sound (it's different in tone, but not a...
  8. FiveAces

    One-trick pony, or versatile enough for everyday?!

    I think the visual perception is what skews the mind... if a guitarist used a Flying V and started playing classical music, it just seem to look wrong... just close your eyes and the problem disappears! ...just sayin'.
  9. FiveAces

    One-trick pony, or versatile enough for everyday?!

    Totally nonsense! I never got the idea of a "one trick pony" restriction on any instrument, unless you make it so. I've always loved 12 string guitars and that same discussion always comes up! People actually ask me what songs I can use it for since there aren't many 12 string songs...
  10. FiveAces

    G5427 bridge question

    Yes, that makes sense. (my previous thought on filing the bridge base holes was definately wrong... that would render the wooden base functionally useless!). Looking into this further, and for any useful info for others, there is another way the secured bridge can be made as a more conventional...
  11. FiveAces

    G5427 bridge question

    ...just to clarify, you opened up the holes in the wooden base so that it no longer gets hung up on the threaded studs, right?
  12. FiveAces

    G5427 bridge question

    Just curious... did you experience a significant change in sound after the mod? I have an old 5120 (2006) with a true floating bridge, and just sanding the base to match the guitar top made a significant change in sound!
  13. FiveAces

    Tru-Arc, Serpentune, Bar, Space, TOM bridges

    I, too, put a Wilkinson roller bridge on my 5120 years ago. I got a lot of critical comments about "it doesn't belong on a Gretsch", but I was all about what worked. I love bar bridges, but the lack of intonation control just bothers me! If you're a stickler about intonation and palm mute a...
  14. FiveAces

    Filtertron Adapter for G5120

    I installed BT FilterTrons + bezels from a 5420 (found used on CL all for $30!) into my 5120. I made my own adapter plate that pretty much looks like the GFS one. There is still some holes that need to be drilled for the new bezels (careful alignment will cover the old bezels holes) and clean up...
  15. FiveAces

    NGD yesterday: picked up Electromatic

    ....yup! That's what the description on the Sweetwater ad calls the color.... Surf Green!
  16. FiveAces

    Locking tuners for Grover sta-tite

    ....just my 2 bits..... I've never had problems with tuning stability of Gretsch OEM tuners. Properly slotted nuts and correct winding of the strings will take care of it. Now....if you need quick changing of the strings then locking tuners are he way to go... and yes, it takes a while finding...
  17. FiveAces

    5420tg output jack fell inside

    The inevitable solution.....
  18. FiveAces

    NGD 5420 Orange Stain

    Actually, 2016 and later 5420's transitioned to the smaller headstocks and eliminated the vertical "Electromatic" logo. The fretmarkers seem to both be available now and a few other things like treble bleed cap, Electromatic logo on the PG, and added binding around the F holes, and headstock, too!
  19. FiveAces

    G5420TG Electromatic Fret Markers

    Yeah... I was browsing through the online catalogs and 2015's still had the large headstocks with the Electromatic logo. They also offered both thumbnail and humpblock fret markers within the models. That must have been around when the transition happened because the 2016 NAMM catalog shows...
  20. FiveAces

    G5420TG Electromatic Fret Markers

    The original 5120 series started out with the large headstock with the vertical "electromatic" name and thumbnail markers. Then the early 5420s (I'd call the transition phase) still had some large headstocks and thumbnail markers, Then, 5420's lost the "Electromatic" name and went to the...
  21. FiveAces

    NGD 5420 Orange Stain

    Nice! No need to apologize that it's not a 6120. A lot of us are quite satisfied with out 5420's! I have my 5120 (updated with BTFilterTrons) and it's not leaving me any time soon!!
  22. FiveAces

    Remove Space Control bridge base?

    Agreed... If you purchased it used, it's possible there is double stick tape under it, but as new from the factory, it should be floating loose and just lift off.
  23. FiveAces

    5120 upgrade ideas, experiences, thoughts?

    As for pickups, GFS Surf 90s are popular. Also, maybe you find someone that did a pickup swap on their 5420 and you'll likely get their BT Filtertrons at a bargain! I did that with my 5120 (Orange).... installed BT FilterTrons with the PU surrounds i picked up for $40 for the pair! Other than...
  24. FiveAces

    Tuner Replacements (G5220)

    Have you tried snugging down the screw on the end of the tuning button to increase the friction? Sometimes they are too loose. As for locking tuners, they are more for the benefit of quick changing strings, not stability. It's more like is it necessary for your use. I have several guitars...
  25. FiveAces

    Inexpensive gear and pro sounds...

    I've listened to music created by cheap electronic synthesizers (noise makers, if you will) & Percussion instruments which were "Home Depot" utility buckets, and God knows what other creative genius it took to transfer music of the mind into a tangable recording or performance of quality! I've...