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  1. Bumble 57

    Steep thesis

    Sounds reasonable. That’s why I’m gonna just keep the stuff I already have. 🤓
  2. Bumble 57

    A.I. is designing guitars now…

    If I walked into a guitar store and they had them to try, I’d love to give them a go. If they were inexpensive, maybe take one home. Probably to hang on the wall, but still. Cool Art. 🧐🤓
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    Show us your picks (plectrums)

    Got this for Xmas. Keeps them organized.
  4. Bumble 57

    Jokes thread

    I played a riff for my wife I just figured out and commented it sounds better loud. She said “ well, turn it up! “ After 42 years I think she’s a keeper! 🥰
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    Some BIG macro pictures of my Setzer Nashville.

    If you decide to make posters, I'm in! 😍 Very cool art!
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    I've got one year in. So much good advice on here! What I've been doing lately is using my drum machine to do scales. When I go through them I make them as musical as possible and just jam for 20 or 30 minutes. I do bends, hammer ons, pull offs, slides and other techniques that sounds like it...
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    NGD incoming, reverb ambush

    Never been a fan of the body shape, but with the color combination I think I could really like it! Congrats!
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    Apartment Amp recomendations.

    Bugera V5 😍
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    What's the most satisfying sound?

    The sound of my 74 400 Husqvarna coming out of a corner a gear high.
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    Electromatic… almost!

    Thanks for the encouragement though. I’m gonna see a specialist and if I can get it fixed I’ll revisit the big guitars. Because everyone looks good behind a big Gretsch! 😎
  11. Bumble 57

    Electromatic… almost!

    My apologies. I should have expanded on my observation of this guitar. Physically it’s too large because of moderate arthritis in my fretting hand. With the thick body I couldn’t reach the lower frets with out putting my wrist in a painful position. I’ve been a lot more comfortable with thin...
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    Electromatic… almost!

    I went to my LMS today to get a few things for my speaker cab project and there on the wall is a used Electromatic w/ bigsby. Looking fantastic in Orange! I’ve wondered if it would be too big and it certainly was. I’m 5’4” on a good day. I didn’t even ask to plug it in and try to play. I just...
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    Hello from Central California

    I love my Streamliner! Welcome 😃!
  14. Bumble 57

    Outkast with G5427T

    Good to see you here!😁 Let’s see some guitar pics! 🧐
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    Hello from Jesse in the Rockies~

    Your daughter has great taste! 😎 You and her are both Welcome! 😃
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    Finally Here

    Yup , I didn’t think about Teles till I joined here.🤔 Welcome!
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    yo peeps - wassap?

    I like my streamliner more than I like most people.😎 Welcome!
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    Your Last (Acquisition) guitar(s)

    This sweetie! Didn’t buy but traded a Hagstrom S.S. Straight across for this 2007 MIM Fender Strat. I love this guitar! Sounds and plays so good! 😍
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    Woke with a chord question

    Thank you, that’s what I thought. Simple explanation is best! Now off to practice. 😃
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    Woke with a chord question

    Not to high jack the thread, but I’ve not found a clear explanation of how an arpeggios work. If I play a barre f chord, do I hold the chord and not move my fingers and play the individual notes, or just play the notes of that chord?
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    NAD - Micro Monster

    Very timely thread as I’ve been debating a small tube type micro amp for a 10” inch speaker cab I’m building. I’ve looked at this amp and I found a used one for fairly cheap. I’m gonna pull the trigger! 😎😃
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    Playing vs Noodling

    Noodling is kinda fun, and I’ve learned that I can make an improvised solo of sorts, but my goal is to learn some actual songs. I’m learning stuff out of magazines with the short lessons, but a 2 minute song or so would be cool.
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    Jokes thread

    Had a buddy that had a VW Thing. What a blast! 🤣
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    Finally pulling the trigger on the dream machines

    Don’t know if I’d want to play them or just hang them on the wall and admire them.😍 Oh, I know, how about do both! 🤔😃