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    6120-leave strap on in case ?

    For sure I guess it could depend on the case, but all 9 of my guitars have their straps on while in their cases. I just spread their length out along the body and neck to reduce thickness. Never had a problem. I wouldn't store them long term that way, but for transporting the instrument point A...
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    Guitar hangar recommendations

    I use the Stringswing brand and have not had any issues with necks that have nitro finishes.
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    Neil Young Harvestime

    Anyone else catch this documentary which played in select theaters for just two nights? There's a fair bit a Gretsch goodness early in the film.
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    Xvive U2 wireless guitar system?

    The Boss WL20 here. They're rechargeable, simple, reliable pairing, sturdy build.
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    Saw Sonny Landreth and Cindy Cashdollar Last Night

    Wonderful watching him fret notes behind the slide so effortlessly
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    Bridge post angled, is it a problem?

    Of course you'll want to loosen the strings a bit before trying to move it.
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    5120T weight

    What is the typical weight of these? Is there a lot of variation? Mine is 7.3 which seems heavy for a hallow body.