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  1. audept

    New Guitar Month

    Yes, I have always wondered about them too.
  2. audept

    Trying to fin info on a special run Rancher Falcon

    Welcome to the forum, @lagbender !
  3. audept

    Wanted 70's 7595 White Falcon

    Welcome to the forum, @Staceyboy ! Best of luck with your search.
  4. audept

    It is here!!

    Exquisite, congrats Tony!
  5. audept

    Hit peak creativity today.

    Very cool, Rich!
  6. audept

    Need PUP recommendations - HS/Classics/Setzer

    Welcome to the forum, @Thewix13 !
  7. audept

    Checked out a Telecaster today

    Absolutely love that blue!
  8. audept

    RIP Lisa Loring/Wednesday Addams

  9. audept

    Incredible Walnut Flame 6120

    Just out of my price range!
  10. audept

    New (ish) vintage Gretsch White Falcon owner

    Welcome to the forum, @Yeehaw_By_Law !
  11. audept

    Early 6120 in "Pickin' & Singin' News" Aug. 31 1954

    So I'm 7 years older than the first White Falcon? That explains my binding rot and outgassing problems! :eek:
  12. audept

    Is Gretsch Pages still online or what?

    I check every day just in case it revives. I'm no stranger to disappointment. :(
  13. audept

    Jump off a bridge?

    Welcome to the forum, @JohnnyLaw !
  14. audept

    I finished the 50’s Esquire build

    Impressive work, congrats @radd ! I love it ! :cool: :cool: :cool:
  15. audept

    Two of my Best Friends

    Welcome to the forum, @tuner440 !
  16. audept

    hello from Italy

    Welcome to the forum, @FrankAmadeus !
  17. audept


    A great addition to the forum !
  18. audept


  19. audept

    Red Guitars

    How about my 1969 Maton FG100 ? Only the top isn't red but everything else is:
  20. audept

    Hello From Another UK Based Member

    Hi @notanaon ! Glad to see you back again !
  21. audept

    White Falcon Rancher 6 string

    Welcome to the forum, @Dougal !
  22. audept

    1943 Willys Jeep

    Impressive work!

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