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  1. Henry

    NPD after waiting 16 months

    It finally arrived yesterday. My family is sick and I have to work today so I haven't been able to try it yet but after waiting 16 months I'm excited. I may redo the whole board with a new device and use this and the H9 as wet only and run it parallel with the dry signal. Anywho, love the...
  2. Henry


    Received over the weekend. Still exploring the presets, haven't even dug into the customization. I will be purchasing a stand and monitors, for now it's on a work bench and hooked up to my stereo. God a package deal with the very, very nice padded and wheeled gig bag. My son just quit piano...
  3. Henry

    Multimeter recommendations?

    Hi all. I want to purchase a multimeter to test pickups and other random electric stuff around the house or music room. I want something that I will never have to replace or upgrade. I am a total amatuer noob but like to buy pro stuff as long as i can figure out how to use it reasonably...
  4. Henry


    Actually, new bass rig. The last piece arrived yesterday. Our bass player moved to Georgia so I've been thinking about finally acquiring a bass. A couple months of research later here I am. Nope, no half measures. I need to practice to be worthy of this rig. And need some pedals. Been...
  5. Henry

    New Pedal Stuff Summer

    All this stuff came in this summer. Been too lazy to post. I had to color coordinate my pedal board and was curious about the Swiss Army Atomic Brain. Had been looking for a silver or black Atomic Brain used but then noticed that Tavo was selling the new model. It sounds the same as my old...
  6. Henry

    Vintage Trouble with Gretsch Jet

    Just recently heard of this band.
  7. Henry

    NGD - merry Xmas to me

    Just landed. Been looking at these for almost 2 years, indecisive as I am not sure how much use I will make of it and they are rather expensive. Found one used for an ol not great price but the heart wants what it wants. It's an unusual guitar but I've mentioned it before. I know one member...
  8. Henry


    After talking it up to my bandmates after some drinks, I woke up the next day to find out I had pre-ordered this after stumbling home. It has now shown up 5 weeks later. It's fun, cool, and not really practical for me, bbububut I just had to have it. Triplegraph by Copper Sound and Jack White.
  9. Henry

    New Pedals: Automatone & Morningstar MC8 (with Dunlop mini volume/expression)

    Enjoying my new toys. I took off by pedalboard an EQ, 2 drives, a full sized wah, a switcher for the H9 and a switcher for my amp (6 items), replaced them with the Automatone (favorite setting is a treble boost, shown below), MC8 midi controller and mini expression attached to the MC8...
  10. Henry

    New Album Day

    My pre-order of the new Molly Tuttle cover album. With musicians unable to gig, I've been trying to support new artists. My goal is to purchase at least 2 albums a month from new artists. This little package came with a iridescent marbled lavender LP (on the right, her first album...
  11. Henry

    NGD - revamped 6120JR2

    This guitar has been sitting around my house waiting for me to play it. I prefer the filters on my jet and Anni Jr, and not a fan of gold - it was always intended as a project guitar. Before: Finally have had this guitar revamped. Basically, the only things original are the wood parts...
  12. Henry

    NGD: acoustic-inspired

    I have accumulated quite a bit of stuff since December 2019, and now that my rig has pretty settled, I will show and tell about the stuff that I plan to keep. It is too much for a thread for each item, so I have grouped them. This first one is a group of stuff has two things in common: (1)...
  13. Henry

    Your favorite solo dancer music videos

    Post some fun music videos featuring a solo dancer / character. Some of my favorites. Enjoy! Is this really Christopher Walken? I choose to believe.
  14. Henry

    Question for Peterson Strobostomp HD owners

    Hi, all. Just recevied mine today. It looks great. 2 questions: First: On either side are a pair of buttons. I noticed that they are a but loose in the housing (you can touch and move it back and forth a millimeter or two). Not a big deal but wondering if anyone else has expierienced the...
  15. Henry

    eventide H9 - your thoughts, please

    Thinking of replacing the Strymon Mobius with an H9. Main reasons: Saves 2 inches of pedal board space. App functionality should be easier then digging through menus on a small screen. It comes in black. I don't use too much of the Mobius, mostly the rotary/Leslie, some harmonic trem. I...
  16. Henry

    Your 2019 in one sentence

    How would you encapsulate your 2019 in one sentence? For me, "Success is it's own punishment." We have had a great year (except for the passing of Loki our cat), kids are active and growing, wife is busy and lovely. My business has been growing and our firm is doing well. Which means I am SO...
  17. Henry

    Molly Tuttle - Cold, Rain & Snow

    One of my favorite songs by a new favorite flatpicker.
  18. Henry

    NGD - an acoustic at last

    This guitar was stranded for several days as the local FedEx distributor was shut down due to the fires. I've been looking at alternatives like Maton or Eastman but just kept coming back to this one. Then found this mint Martin OMC-28E 2018 for a pretty darn good price and snapped it up. I just...
  19. Henry

    Bear falls from tree, hits car, which crashes and starts a wildfire

    You just can't make this stuff up. Sound like a law school case study!
  20. Henry


    It has landed! What a fun guitar. This is my first guitar with single coils, maple neck or long scale. The satin maple neck feels great though I could use a little more depth. I may satin one of my other guitars - it really helps my sweaty sticky hands. The guitar is light and feels good to...
  21. Henry

    Flight delayed, so I bought a guitar -

    I woke up at 5am to catch an early flight . . . That has been delayed now for 2 hours and no end in sight. Sucks. The good news is I took this time to negotiate the purchase of a guitar that I've been wanting for a while and just paid for it. Psyched! Also, was here in Los Angeles for a...
  22. Henry

    NAD - on my way to pick up!

    Going to UPS to pick up a new-to-me amp. Had a hard time paying for a new one, but found a used one with a blem at the right price for me. Pics soon, although the Warriors game may get in the way.
  23. Henry

    My first recording / music publication!

    As many of you know, I am a bedroom player and hobbyist. A partner at my law firm had a hip hop / trip hop band back in the early 90s, and over the last year they put together some tracks. I was invited to sit in on a track, and made the cut. This last week the album, Basement Tapes by...
  24. Henry


    Finally got a new car. I was soooo tired of my 2008 Civic Hybrid, the uncomfortable driver seat, the anemic A/C, and the 94 HP of wimpiness - all the sloth of a minivan without the spaciousness or features. New car is fun to drive, and most importantly has steering wheel hand warmers. This is...