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  1. workknot

    Compton Bridges Email Change

    I have changed my ISP and had to change my Email address also. I have updated my preferences to show my new Email address. Things are going good here. Pop's
  2. workknot

    Compton bridge upgrade

    Hello all I have been very lax at posting and even checking in. Business has been OK even with the pandemic thing going on. It is always encouraging to hear users results when they install one of my bridges. I know there are a few diehards about intonation that don't seem to believe how it...
  3. workknot

    Compton Bridges Safe and Sound

    mixmkr: I make a special bridge for that model and they have the 6mm post holes. You can contact me through my website I have attached a picture of the Brass model. "Pops"
  4. workknot

    Compton Bridges Safe and Sound

    Thanks everyone, yup we are doing fine here. Ishtar, I do have lefties in stock. Also a good selection of others. I broke down and purchased a Gibson SG Maestro about a week ago and it seems to be a very good choice. I used to have one like it 30 years ago and always did like the style of that...
  5. workknot

    Compton Bridges Safe and Sound

    I am producing bridges despite the world wide problems we are dealing with. I can understand if people are hesitant to place orders as things are getting very crazy to say the least. "Pops"
  6. workknot

    Arrhytmia... cured?

    Get well soon, unfortunate the drummer does not have the understanding that when someone has a health issue, it should not be held against them. "Pops"
  7. workknot

    It's Farking Cold Tonight

    Brainerd Minnesota had an official -43 degrees below zero. YUK "Pops"
  8. workknot

    It's Farking Cold Tonight

    Jim: I did not film it, I was only outside for a few seconds and that was shocking enough. The guy with the shorts on in his own mind thinks he is a cool looking dude. Good thing he is going to college, maybe he will learn something. "Pops"
  9. workknot

    It's Farking Cold Tonight

    We had an unofficial -42 below at my house this morning, the Airport had -36 below. I just had to go outside and throw a cup of hot water in the air to see it turn into instant snow. Brrrrrrrr "Pops"
  10. workknot

    Compton Bridges is back in production

    Thanks to everyone, I am ready to get busy. "Pops"
  11. workknot

    Compton Bridges is back in production

    Thanks Dave it is good to be back in the groove. "Pops"
  12. workknot

    Compton Bridges is back in production

    Sorry for the long delay, we had sold our home and purchased another, it has taken quite a bit of time to get comfortably setup in the new place. I just finished my work shop after completing many honey dew projects. As of January 1st, we Internet sellers have to collect sales tax, YUK one more...
  13. workknot

    Compton Bridges I am OK

    Thanks to all for your concerns about me. I have not posted for quite some time and apologize for that. We have just listed our home for sale and are looking for a home with a little more acreage with a quieter surrounding. I did shut down the website because my ISP will be changing and there is...
  14. workknot

    Damn! 10,000 Posts

    Congrats Doc.
  15. workknot

    Some Days You Have It, Some You Don't

    I am a bit over 76 and still enjoy playing even though it is sometimes a struggle I am happy with what I can still do. Yes, there are days and times it just does not work as expected so I just put it away and try again another time. "Pops"
  16. workknot

    Why are serial numbers sometimes blurred or concealed?

    I see no sense in blurring it out or the like. You can look at new guitars at many websites and the serial numbers are clearly there for all to see. "Pops"
  17. workknot

    Survey: how much tremolo?

    Rarely use it.
  18. workknot

    Compton and Tru-Arc bridges

    My apologies for not tending to business, we have had a rather traumatic week with a death in the family and then 2 days later a wedding. Both sorrow and joy. I will be getting back to folks very soon. Thanks: Wayne Compton (workknot) "Pops"
  19. workknot

    My First Gretsch/What's up with these FILTER'TRONs?

    The neck pickup looks not like a true Filtertron? "Pops"
  20. workknot

    American vs. Foreign Made Guitars

    I had a Gibson 339 that had all sorts of issues, none of my other non USA guitars have any problems. Enough said. "Pops"
  21. workknot

    Ok everybody... Has it been decided? Do the Compton bridges work with the 5622 pinned bodies?

    The Compton bridge does work with a pinned bridge. "Pops"
  22. workknot

    What Acoustic do yo play?

    Taylor 816 CE, and it sounds wonderful. Rosewood back and sides. "Pops"
  23. workknot

    Daddy again!

    Congrats on the new girl. That calls for another Gretsch. "Pops"
  24. workknot

    Looking for a small 'practice amp' with 'THAT' sound...

    "That Sound" is usually in the ear of the beholder, if it sounds good to you, try to ignore the negativity. "Pops"
  25. workknot

    New member Dave Gallagher

    Welcome Dave. "Pops"

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