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    New Amp Day

    Fender Pro Junior IV SE $315 from Sweetwater, just an insanely great deal, imo.
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    PSA - Fender Pro Junior IV SE $315 Listed on sale at $349.99. Call in for additional 10% off. I just saw this, can't imagine it will last long.
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    Godin 5th Avenue Uptown T-Armond Has anyone here had a chance to play one of these?
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    The Gretsch G6119TG-62RW-LTD Limited Edition '62 Rosewood Tenny Thread

    Has anyone here seen/played one of these in real life? I'm getting bad GAS.
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    Mick of That Pedal Show puts T-Armonds in his G5422

    Big sound upgrade, in my opinion. Still not a project I want to take on.
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    NBGD Classic Vibe Jaguar Bass Guitar

    For that low yo-yo stuff.
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    N to me GD!

    A lightly used G5222.
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    Questions About CME Exclusive G5232 Double Jet FT

    Gretsch G5232 Electromatic Double Jet FT Daphne Blue w/Gold Hardware ( – Chicago Music Exchange I love my G5422t so much I was thinking about getting a G5222 Double Jet BT to keep it company. Then I ran across this G5232 from CME. For $50 more it has Filtertrons instead of Broadtrons, gold...
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    Another Newbie

    Greetings. I bought a G5422t a couple months ago. Thought I'd better join the club.