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  1. DoctorBB

    Vintage Gift

    A friend passed this on to me. He rescued it in the 70’s from the back of a pickup heading to the landfill. He thought it was just a case when he asked the man if he could have it. Turned out to have a guitar in it. He stripped the finish off and then never got around to finishing it. I may...
  2. DoctorBB

    Gigging My 2420

    So I’ve been in a classic rock cover group for a few years and have only gigged Strats and Tele’s. We do a lot of cleanish 60’s stuff like Doors, Johnny Rivers, Faces, Beatles, etc. and would love to try my Gretsch for some of those numbers. We play pretty loud and the bass sound covers the...
  3. DoctorBB

    PSA TV Jones Universal Mount $200 Shipped

    Don’t know if this is where to post. A friend of mine had these for sale. Thought I’d help him out. If interested I’ll send a link.
  4. DoctorBB

    Never Have I Ever

    I’m just an old fart whose always been a Gibson/Fender junkie for 50+ years, who stumbled upon a great Streamliner 2420 ( I think it is) a while back and love it. My $64,000 question is are the pro lines worth the price difference. Never seen or played one in person. The Electromatics look...
  5. DoctorBB

    5420 Electromatic vs 2420 Streamliner

    So like I’ve said in a few previous post, I’m relatively new here, having picked up my first Gretsch, an older used Brooklyn burst Streamliner, a few months ago and I have really bonded with it. But now all I do is look at photos and videos of the orange Electromatic 5420T. Is it worth the extra...
  6. DoctorBB

    Real Gretsch knobs

    So I’m relatively new here, having acquired my first Gretsch a few months ago, a Streamliner. I would like some Gretsch knobs but a set on Amazon is like $50. Anybody got a better, cheaper source? Would also like a 3 ply BWB pickguard. I’ve been a Fender guy for 50 plus years and parts are...
  7. DoctorBB

    PSA 2420T $399

    Saw this on GC this morning.
  8. DoctorBB

    Tilted Tailpiece on 2420

    Is this normal or is mine bent? Sure decreases the break angle over the bridge on the treble side.
  9. DoctorBB

    Blues on a Streamliner

    So I recently posted a NGD with my first Gretsch. As I stated in that post, I’m mostly a Strat/Tele player and do a lot of blues. For years it’s been my Blues Jr. on the edge of breakup and the Strat neck pup or Tele in the middle position. Well I spent time this weekend on the middle position...
  10. DoctorBB

    NGD & Hello from SE Texas

    Been a lurker for a few days since I got my first Gretsch. Longtime member of Strat and Squier Talk. Mostly a Strat, Tele guy who occasionally pulls the LP out. Picked up this beautiful 2420 this past weekend with hard case from a wonderful older Gentleman in town. Case queen from 2017? Haven’t...