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  1. Henry

    Dickey Bett's new Gibson SG

    Ah, inspired by the goblin shark.
  2. Henry

    Bought a G5232T today, and checking on my order status made me notice wild variations in weight...

    I always want a lighter guitar. As these are all CNC, I would guess wood choice is the biggest factor.
  3. Henry

    Percentage of bar takings

    I know nothing about the bar or music business but 20% of gross receipts kinda implies that bars have a pretty large profit margin.
  4. Henry

    NPD - EQ and Fuzz

    Congrats, should be fun and you'll be able to make all kinds of noise with these 2.
  5. Henry

    Russian Military spec 6L6?

    I was just thinking, first question should be whose or which military we talking about!?
  6. Henry

    D minor -- saddest of all keys?

    I can't say that I agree that keys have an inherent feel. To me a lot of it is still context, such as the range in which you are playing the music. Shifting from a C to C sharp for one song may feel different for another. Add in the fact that a LOT of music is written for convenience of...
  7. Henry

    Happy Thanksgiving

    As a student in Sydney it was an awsome experience to celebrate Thanksgiving with grilling on the beach. Hope y'all had a good one.
  8. Henry

    Dream Guitar Activated

    I can't help but admire tha extra thickness of plastic even though I'm not into plastic.
  9. Henry

    NGD - It’s PAEHNK!!!

    That looks fabulous. Great contrast with the fingerboard. Congrats.
  10. Henry

    I don’t take Selfies…

    I don't see how it is physically possible to use the micro mesh and not remove finish while removing glossiness. glossiness and stickiness is usually due to an extremely flat surface that reflects light (glossy) consistently and creates a suction effect when there is moisture (stickiness). A...
  11. Henry


    Commiserations. Haven't moved since 2013, would like to keep it that way.
  12. Henry

    I don’t take Selfies…

    Interesting. Seems to between the green scotch Brite (600) and white (1200 plus). Do you find it more consistent than scotch Brite pads?
  13. Henry

    Dream Guitar Activated

  14. Henry

    Stringing a Bigsby: The Nightmare Returns

    I have done it with fingers but much faster and more precise to use needle nose pliers - I have a pair that includes a wire snip to cut off the extra string. I also like to use the needle nose pliers to pull at the tuner end for tension, a better grip means I'm less likely to bend or crimp the...
  15. Henry

    The Gretsch Astro-Jet

    Very cool! I am a fan of Randy Parson's work.
  16. Henry

    NPD…..ten in one day!!!!

    Congrats. Is the textured edge used got anything in particular?
  17. Henry

    I don’t take Selfies…

    Looks good. I satin my necks. Green or white scotch Brite pad. Works and feels great.
  18. Henry

    minor stain on back of guitar neck.....trying to remove

    I gren scotch Brited my neck to make it satin so I am not sure if you would notice a difference. You could get the white Scotch Brite which is less abrasive
  19. Henry

    Woke with a chord question

    I think it is pretty universal that capitals is major and not cap is minor. Also used for the M/m. Cm7 is with minor or flat 3 and 7. CM7 is with major or natural 3 and 7. C7 is a mix, uses the major 3 and minor 7.
  20. Henry

    yo peeps - wassap?

    You should be cool enough, having a Gretsch more than offsets for using "wassap". ;)
  21. Henry

    For Sale/Trade Early Mystery Brain $250

    Lol, I didn't know it had a little message for me inside. Is this what immortality feels like? Glwts
  22. Henry

    NAD - Micro Monster

    Congrats, looks fun!
  23. Henry

    Woke with a chord question

    Imo a chord is in a context of a song and a key, not just random notes one happens to play at the same time that you backward engineer the chord description, so yes it still has a character, although it can be fluid. In fact, in a band, a guitar player does not need to play the root all the...