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  1. THS3171

    Song Title Game

  2. THS3171

    Song Title Game

  3. THS3171

    Quick Hello from Kevin

    Hello and welcome
  4. THS3171

    Pawn shop score woohoo.

    Congrats, it's a beauty :) 👍
  5. THS3171

    NGD - It’s PAEHNK!!!

    Very nice, love this color! Congratulations. Enjoy it :) 👍
  6. THS3171

    Dream Guitar Activated

    Stunning. Congratulations! Enjoy it :) 👍
  7. THS3171

    G5220/G5622 - Much Difference Sonically?

    Hello and welcome. Both are beautiful and valuable guitars. I have no doubt that after some time you will own both cuties now that the Gretsch virus has gotten you. If You are not sure, try some Filter'trons?
  8. THS3171

    NAD - Micro Monster

    Looks great (haha ;) ) Congrats! Enjoy it :)👍
  9. THS3171

    Song Title Game

  10. THS3171

    La Cabronita Special Edition with Fender FideliTrons

    Looks cool, Congrats! Enjoy it :) 👍
  11. THS3171

    Hi Everyone

    Hello and welcome
  12. THS3171

    Let's see your modded Streamliners

    Hello and welcome. MTFBWY!
  13. THS3171

    Song Title Game

  14. THS3171

    A 'too good to pass up' NGD

    Congratulations!! Enjoy'em :) 👍
  15. THS3171

    New member from Illinois

    Hello and welcome
  16. THS3171

    Song Title Game

  17. THS3171


    Congrats and happy NGD. Enjoy it :) 👍
  18. THS3171

    New Member- Old guitar.

    Hello and welcome
  19. THS3171

    Another first Gretsch

    Welcome and congrats on the guitar. A beautiful classic. Enjoy it! :) 👍
  20. THS3171

    New member

    Hello and welcome
  21. THS3171

    The Custom Jet Sisters... :)

    😍 Very cute sisters! Congratulations :) 👍
  22. THS3171

    New to Gretsch, new to Gretsch Talk

    Hello and welcome. You can't go wrong with a blue Gretsch. Enjoy it :) 👍
  23. THS3171

    Song Title Game