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  1. VRomanojr

    How many orange guitars do you have?

    Two seems right for me.
  2. VRomanojr

    String dampening a hollow body?

    I guess I need a trip to Ace! Thanks.
  3. VRomanojr

    String dampening a hollow body?

    So, what exactly are those little rubber rings and where do I get them?
  4. VRomanojr

    String through conversion on a Bigsby

    I was using a piece of foam jammed under the ball. Just used the capo method and it made the whole string changing process almost enjoyable.
  5. VRomanojr

    Tru-Arc Hole Tone?

    I put an aluminum Tru-Arc on my Roundup and it made a world of difference. I'm probably going to get one for my 5420 but I see there's a "Hole Tone" option. Any users with reviews of the Hole Tone version? Description sounds like it gives more good stuff which isn't a bad thing!
  6. VRomanojr

    Black P/G & rings on orange 5420 ?

    The change in rings looks good.
  7. VRomanojr

    Black P/G & rings on orange 5420 ?

    Yeah, that was my point. Black guards and rings are a standard 5420 Gretsch item but don't seem to be available anywhere online. I emailed/asked Gretsch and they pointed me to TV Jones and Darren Riley - neither show black guards and rings. I'm going to email them to see if they can get them...
  8. VRomanojr

    Black P/G & rings on orange 5420 ?

    I've seen the 5420 PVC ones for sale. I think that's what Quickguards has. I don't think I've seen 5420/BT clear pickup rings for sale anywhere. I've seen the Classic ones. Not sure if any 5420 came factory with clear rings. They do come with black rings and black pickguard so should be...
  9. VRomanojr

    Black P/G & rings on orange 5420 ?

    That's what I wanted to see! Yeah, I like that and no need to change out my silver rings. Thanks for the pic!
  10. VRomanojr

    Black P/G & rings on orange 5420 ?

    Black pickguards and rings are standard on a few 5420 models so they should be for sale somewhere. With my last Triumph motorcycle I had blow-up, expanded views of all parts of the bike. If I needed a screw or nut or whatever, there was a part number and usually numerous places I could get...
  11. VRomanojr

    Black P/G & rings on orange 5420 ?

    I put that on my watch list last night. If I can't find a real Gretsch I'll go for either this or a Reverb one.
  12. VRomanojr

    Black P/G & rings on orange 5420 ?

    I saw those on Reverb. I was hoping for OEM with the Gretsch imprint but might have to go with those. I was thinking about spray painting but didn't think about the clear and paint black underneath. Thanks for that tip. Again, they are a Gretsch OEM item so should be available out in the world.
  13. VRomanojr

    Black P/G & rings on orange 5420 ?

    Has anyone switched out to a black pickguard and black pickup rings on their orange 5420? I see that Gretsch uses black on a few models but I don't find anywhere to buy them (if I end up liking the look). I know Quickguards but they are a standard Gretsch item so should be for sale somewhere...
  14. VRomanojr

    NGD Orange 5420

    Since I didn't go out for Chinese food last night (but I will take home my chopsticks next time) I used a wire. Took off the pickguard and fished out the washer and jack through the f-hole. I used a piece of stiff, stranded wire through the jack hole bent on the end with a "hook", hooked it...
  15. VRomanojr

    NGD Orange 5420

    UGH!! Looks like I’ll have to set aside the afternoon to fool around with it.
  16. VRomanojr

    NGD Orange 5420

    I'm hoping it's that easy!
  17. VRomanojr

    NGD Orange 5420

    Well, new to me. Looks pretty much brand new. Only problem is the input jack unscrewed itself and it and a washer are rattling around inside. No time today to fuss with it but looks like I've got a project for tomorrow.
  18. VRomanojr

    5420 generations

    I forgot to put headstocks in my original question. I'm remembering Gen. 1 with the big headstock and Electromatic. Gen. 2 & 3 have the smaller headstock with Electromatic moved to the pickguard. Were these definite "generations" or were there variations?
  19. VRomanojr

    5420 generations

    Am I correct with the 5420: Gen. 1 - MIK, hump fret markers, Blacktops, floating bridge Gen.2 - MIK, thumbnail markers, Blacktops, pinned bridge Gen. 3 - MIC, thumbnail markers, FT-5E pickups, pinned bridge Any other generations?
  20. VRomanojr

    VOX GUITARS - 60s

    My Vox Mark VI Acoustic - I had it about 15 years, mid 80's to 1999. Never played through the 1990's so sold it for a 1973 Fender Deluxe which is my go to amp. And if I recall correctly, never played that great, sounded thin and didn't stay in tune.
  21. VRomanojr

    This is/was (arguably) the WORST record ever made....

    I can't be disparaging because they had a Mercury Records release and I didn't.
  22. VRomanojr

    Favorite "Worst band name" you've ever had?

    Freddie Flame and the Burnouts. That lasted a few gigs. Bass player came up with the change to Freddie Flame and The Pyrotechniques. Pyrotechniques is pretty cool but we occasionally ended up on the marque as The Pyromaniacs, not as cool. Bass player then came up with Caust, as in burn or...
  23. VRomanojr

    Note-for-Note, or close enuff?

    I knew a guy that had been in a mostly original band and the "rule" for cover songs was at least one person in the band wasn't really aware of the song. That way their spin had one person putting their own ideas into it without a pre-conceived notion.
  24. VRomanojr

    Gear snobs

    Plenty of electric guitar snobs. I was in a band and we played a ZZ Top song. After, a guy comes up and tells me I shouldn't be playing ZZ Top because I don't have blah, blah, blah (listing every piece of equipment Billy Gibbons owns). The crowd had danced and clapped so that was all I cared...
  25. VRomanojr

    Who's using a Gretsch for Blues?

    There is no blues tone. There is no blues guitar. Elmore James used some acoustic guitar with a soundhole pickup. Did anyone tell him he was playing the wrong guitar? I would go to blues jams and all the guitar players had Strats and singing distorted amps. I'd purposely play a Tele clean...

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