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    Vintage Gretschs at Pittsburgh Guitar Show

    I'm hoping to be there Saturday, Nov.5.
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    Why Are Vintage Style Junior Guitars So Expensive?

    80's price levels were very different from 60's levels. I bought, and still have, a Fender Graffiti Yellow American Standard Stratocaster that I bought for $200.00. Those American Standard Stratocasters were less than $500.00 new in the early days. I turned away from black panel Fender...
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    Fried pickles. Red gravy. :>)
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    Gretsch Guitar Yes Or No

    Suit yourself.
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    Gretsch Guitar Yes Or No

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    I have a thing for Fairlanes. My '66 was modded with a 428 Cobrajet. I sold it years ago to fund my replacement central air; furnace; attic fan and other home items.
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    Gretsch White Falcon vs Gretsch Electromatic!

    I'm fortunate to own a Falcon. These Electromatics are fine too.
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    Are You Or Any Family Members In Touring Bands?

    My godchild is the drummer with a heavy metal band Abysmal Dawn. I'm not a fan. James is on the left. Cookie Monster vocals are here. I apologize to fans.
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    Two vintage Gretsch basses on Hibid auctions

    My cousin has a Gretsch Viking from the 60's. It has binding rot and needs a fret job.
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    Saving Old Concert Ticket Stubs

    Ticket prices are way up. I'm an old coot and I recall buying tickets at Ye Old Selective Service shop to see Steppenwolf; Ten Wheel Drive and Luther Alison at the Fillmore East for less than $15.00 for 2. IMO, I'll buy the CD/Album or have someone gift me a pair of tickets.
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    RIP John Hartman (Doobie Brothers)

    Wow. RIP John. Our heroes/teachers are passing on.
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    Do You Need A Compressor?

    IMO, a compressor is a god send with a studio engineer.
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    Why Are Vintage Style Junior Guitars So Expensive?

    Very true. The fact still remains that you need to save to acquire things that in the past were more accessible. I attached a file in another thread indicating the price increase of a Gretsch White Falcon. I paid a lot but getting one now will cost more.
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    Why Are Vintage Style Junior Guitars So Expensive?

    One reason to be an old coot.
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    Why Are Vintage Style Junior Guitars So Expensive?

    In the early 90's and 80's, these cost less than $1k total................ What happened?
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    Do You Need A Compressor?

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    "It's A Box Of Chocolate"

    You can learn a lot from cartoon soundtracks.
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    Hunters and gatherers

    A hunter friend gave me a deer meat jerky. It was great.
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    Your Favorite Gretsch Guitar

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I bought mine used 2 years ago for $2499.00. It's the most I've ever spent on a guitar. My wife was with me, so I had her approval. It's expensive. Get one ASAP because the price is going up.
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    So Long Bill
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    What Are You Doing Here?

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    Are Gibson/Norlin Era Guitars Collectable?

    Very true. Enter Asia to the delight of many.