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  1. 1adam12

    For Trade WTT my Rickenbacker 12

    Man I bet that is even more stunning with your all white suit !😁
  2. 1adam12

    For Trade WTT my Rickenbacker 12

    Specific search for a Gretsch G6136T-62 (Ray Butts/double cut) I have a Lennon 12 stringer. with COA and rare Ric Poster. A longshot indeed! These are basically 350/12's, so they are actually playable. All the chime/jangle one would expect. here is a link to it being recorded. (solo)...
  3. 1adam12

    For Sale My Reverb Shop! F/S Dan Armstrong-Vox phantom XII - RI Starcaster! etc. etc.

    All Sold. Vox on the bay, the Ampeg locally. Thanks for lookin' :)
  4. 1adam12

    Gretsch1963 /6119 chef Atkins tennessean

    I'm sure even Dolly wouldn't appreciate her state not being capitalized.../ LOL
  5. 1adam12


    Actually, there's not enough time or verbosity in the basic individual to cover, the interplay, and general dynamics between two guitar players. There are conversations happening right now on any day of the week with people down the street having an amazing guitar conversation...people we'll...
  6. 1adam12


    Television, Dumptruck, The Buzzcocks, The Monochrome Set...definitely not bands that can stick 300 notes in a bar of music LOL. Sometimes the most interesting people in the world don't speak with 4 syllable words all the time! If you wanna dig, listen to my radio show on WLFR 91.7 Stockton...
  7. 1adam12

    Dropped my White Falcon…

    Had me goin' I thought it was a 20ft + Setzer toss!
  8. 1adam12

    Where are all the Roundups

    I like Log Cabin syrup just a bit better than Shoprite brand on mine....:p I guess if there was a french toast headstock, I would have that... (smaller one) Keep pounding the pavement...I did and it was worth it! Only wish it had that leather binding, then it would be total boss hog! ....Coo...
  9. 1adam12

    There goes guitar playing for a while

    Oh no, sorry to see....I think it hurts all of we look at our own hands.....and appreciate! Well, I wish you a speedy recovery! In the meantime, open chords and some right hand flat picking!? Let the power of Django compel you ! (exorcist voice)
  10. 1adam12

    NAD pending

    That will totally crush a Peavey backstage a live situation of course ! :p
  11. 1adam12

    Amps, how many is too many?

    Oh that's such an easy question....You must have all output tube configurations (voicings), different speaker sizes, different cabinet sizes....I think that comes to about 186.....LOL
  12. 1adam12

    Discussion Tips for Recording your Gretsch in a Home Studio

    Hay! I've had the pleasure (mostly) of recording over 500 original songs over the years. Everything from a Tascam 4-track all the way to a Studer A-80 and 48 ch. Neve console with Fairchild...and other vintage outboard gear and mic's to die for. Was also a college radio DJ for ahem, my 10...
  13. 1adam12

    Who's Sorry Now

    Yeah! umm, what they all said ^ Ate it up!
  14. 1adam12

    Having problem with sound.

    Well, sometimes we can make adjustments to the pickup with raising and lowering the general height (how deep into the body/how close to the strings) then we can adjust individual pole pieces for certain strings. There are some theories about if the pickup is too close to the strings/some...
  15. 1adam12

    SOLD Guild A-350 Stratford into storage.

    What a super Kewl Geetar, never saw or heard of one of those! It's like one of those overseas EPI 3 PU Casinos, but probably a superior build!? Good eye spraying those covers black, you should be proud as it sets it off! Where is it made?
  16. 1adam12

    Shoulda Joined years ago~

    If Duke was still alive, I'm sure he direct me to a kat that would install that cool tooled animated motif leather binding used on some other models...complete with the Gretsch thumbtacks they use on the old 50's & 60's drums!! The only other mod I would like!!
  17. 1adam12

    VOX GUITARS - 60s

    I'm a bit late to the two year old party! forgive me! That is the guy holding the phantom on the far left......younger brother Dave! LOL ! They did sorta look a like at times..... Btw, I do have a phantom XII for sale here: I'd slash a bit to a fellow GT'r!
  18. 1adam12

    Shoulda Joined years ago~

    One of the two, and latest addition....So, this the 90' Roundup I found in Boston fairly recently...accessorizing: Imperials, Synchro sonic, Chet Arm....the kat before me already did a pretty kewl job with the tortoise guard and truss cover....quite thrilled actually! sorta like a orange...
  19. 1adam12

    I bought a defective guitar... what should I do with it?

    I think it's a great thing to learn how to be a luthier on! Follow the logic from the bridge to the nut.... (watch some Youtube) and make some changes....experiment and explore options conservatively and you may just get her goin'!
  20. 1adam12

    Hello Gretschians! Need Help

    Unique is right! Someone definitely went through a lot of painstaking effort with their build! Looks to me like it has some age 70's appointments...Tweak it, Action/Intonation best as possible...and play it! I would def be the guy at your gig coming up at the end and inquiring...
  21. 1adam12

    When do you get your frets dressed?

    Yup, all in the playing. You will play the cowboy chords and one of those higher strings are buzzing annoyingly! yuck! Think about it, it buzzes because the next fret is higher. So typically all the frets need to come down to the same height of the worn enough dressings, you will...
  22. 1adam12

    Wanted Synchro-sonic (Melita) Bridge (GOLD) WTB ***FOUND

    FOUND ONE. Darren RIley parts had one. thanks!
  23. 1adam12

    For Sale My Reverb Shop! F/S Dan Armstrong-Vox phantom XII - RI Starcaster! etc. etc.

    Y'know every 12 out there has some amazing quality about them, they just look as complex as they sound....especially if there's some weird natural chorusing?! There are some intense ones, like Ric 370 12's and Fender XII's custom colors....and especially the Phantom's and Starstreamers....they...
  24. 1adam12

    Wanted Synchro-sonic (Melita) Bridge (GOLD) WTB ***FOUND

    I did see one for 160 + Tax on reverb currently....funny bit is when I started writing to "Guitar Audio" which had one posted for 119.99, but not on their Reverb site, then they immediately dropped it from their actual website. And "Guitar Parts Factory" in Ohio, jacked their price up from 119...
  25. 1adam12

    For Sale My Reverb Shop! F/S Dan Armstrong-Vox phantom XII - RI Starcaster! etc. etc.

    Thanks man! I am a 12 string maniac myself, probably had a dozen over the years....all kinds! I know I'm a bit on the high end of things, but its' pretty nice and I'll certainly move on it if someone was serious, even consider a partial trade for something kewl !? haha!