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  1. Thass

    Westone Spectrum FX

    I decided to thin the herd and sell my 1985 Westone Spectrum FX. This was my first guitar that I bought with my hard earned busboy money back in the fall of 1985. I think I was making $3.95 /hr. I know nothing about Westone guitars and went to wikipedia in search for details. One sentence...
  2. Thass

    Rick Beato Ear Training Course (Help)

    Anyone else purchase the Rick Beato Ear Training Course? I am in lesson 2 Intervals:: Harmonic Thirds and I am struggling....big time. (Honestly I think I got through the second intervals section with a bit of luck) I'm looking for someone to either commiserate with me or point me to some...
  3. Thass


    Looking for some non binding medical advice or opinions. This morning I woke up and my little finger and ring finger on both my left and right hands were swollen at the middle knuckle. Feels like I was in a street fight. Making a fist is very painful and chord shapes that require my little...
  4. Thass

    National Lap Steel...Info?

    Hi All - Anyone have any knowledge of National lap steel guitars? My buddy has one and asked if I knew anything about them. I never heard of them so I thought I would try tapping into the knowledge of this group. It needs some TLC for sure. Thanks T
  5. Thass

    Piezo....or is it Piezo?

    Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of videos on the PRS SE hollow body piezo on YouTube. It’s been getting a lot of positive reviews and I’ve been casually thinking about getting a guitar with a piezo setup. It doesn’t appear that Gretsch has ever done a guitar with a piezo. Just wondering if...
  6. Thass

    Meeting Likeminded Musicians.

    What’s the best way to meet likeminded musicians when you move to a new area? I’ve talked to some guitarists in a few cover bands that I have seen. But nobody seems to know of people looking to jam or hang out casually. I tried Craigslist but the only responses I got were to support someone’s...
  7. Thass


    I’ve been inspired by many of you with all your recordings, so decided to get an audio interface. Now I have to figure out how to use it.
  8. Thass

    Directions are your Friends

    My wife’s birthday is tomorrow. Being in lockdown , I decided to bake her a cake, something I’ve never done before. Everything went great, I even got the cake out of the baking dish without any problems. But when I started putting the frosting on... well everything started to melt and slide off...
  9. Thass


    My 18 year old water heater was acting up on the weekend. I was putting any repairs off. A few days later the city of Palm Springs went into lockdown. The next day I was on the phone with a plumber. He came this morning around 8 am and installed a new hot water heater... about 11 hours later the...
  10. Thass

    Cheers from the Desert

    My main guitar is/was a Rick 360 until my wife bought me a white 5420t for our 10 year anniversary. I plugged that into my Vox AC10 and was very impressed. I wasn’t much of a vibrato arm player until I experienced the Bigsby, I love it. The Rick and Whitie started to split time. One day I got a...