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    5427tg electromatic retired??

    Just in the process of getting a new gretsch, either a 5420TG, a 5422TG, a 5427TG, or a 5420T. I’ve listened to all the reviews, now it’s time to go to the store and play a few. However, I just read a thread in Gretsch talk Where are the guy was talking about trying to get a switch for his...
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    5427 updates?

    I’ve been looking at the 5420s versus the 5427s. Just wondering if there are some updates from anyone on these. Love the tiger flame maple and the midnight sapphire with gold hardware of the 5427s, but I’m a little concerned about the new pick ups, and the 5420s do seem to have more thump for...
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    6118 120 anniversary model

    Got a line on a used 6118 120 Anniversary for $1950 cdn. Sounds a little rich for 20 yr old guitar. Prob not locking gotohs. Pickups are TV Jones Classic Filtertron replicas. why replicas? And has an extra switch on top side?? Comments or help??!!
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    Best clean amps

    Looking for a nice clean sound amp to go with my new 5422 GT classic. Thinking of either a katana 50 or 100, a Roland blues cube, or a Roland JC 40 or JC 22. Any comments would be much appreciated. Sound is prob most important, but I would like the app to have the capability of inputting backing...
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    5622 vs 5422

    Am going to buy a new electromatic but don’t have access to a shop here in Mexico. Will be going to Canada in May to buy. Would like to arm myself with some information prior to going to the store. Would appreciate comments regarding 5422 versus 5622 sound-wise. Also, what amps should I try? My...
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    2022 5420 vs 5422

    On the cusp of rejoining the gretsch family. Had to sell my white falcon two years back and now looking at the new 5420 and 5422’s which seem to have made huge improvements. Ie new pickups, trestle supports. Being that I can’t get them here in Mexico I have to order blind and pick up in Canada...

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