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  1. Mr Twangy

    Pickup height screws

    Would anybody know of a place to buy height adjustment screws (not the pickup mounting screws) for Gretsch pickups?
  2. Mr Twangy

    Should I add a master volume to my G5421?

    I did some mods to my G5421 Jet Club, including Blacktop Filters, Bigsby and new electronics. When I was in the control cavity I found that the way the body is chambered, it would be possible to add another volume pot plus a master volume pot. Do folks find the master volume something that you...
  3. Mr Twangy

    NBD (New Bigsby Day).

    Hello all, I got this B3C last week. It's my first ever Bigsby and I love it. It was a breeze to install, as was the Towner Down Tension Bar. All I can say is it works perfectly and the guitar stays in tune (with the stock AOM bridge) no matter how much I use the Bigsby and there has been...
  4. Mr Twangy

    My Dolled-Up Jet Club

    I got this Jet Club last year and decided to mod it up. I loved the way it played but wasn't crazy about how it sounded so I replaced the Gretschbuckers and the rest of the electronics with Blacktop Filter'trons and new wiring, CTS pots + treble bleed, and Switchcraft pickup selector switch and...
  5. Mr Twangy

    Bigsby or Les Trem?

    I'm on the verge of getting a V cut Bigsby B3 and a Towner bar for my Electromatic Jet but I'm hesitating because I've heard it said that a Bigsby can affect the tone of the guitar negatively. Should I just get a Les Trem instead? What do people think?
  6. Mr Twangy

    FT5e Filter'trons

    Does anyone have any experience with them? How do they compare with standard Blacktop filters?
  7. Mr Twangy

    Blacktop Filtertron Adjustment Screws Help

    When I get the pickups to the height I want (ex: 5/16" below the strings) one or more of the screws seems to come loose or unthreaded. Anyone else experience this? Any suggestions?
  8. Mr Twangy

    Snazzy Truss Rod Cover

    Many people have said that they hate the vertical "ELECTROMATIC" on the headstock of the older models, but I think if you add one of these (from Quick Guards) it looks pretty cool.
  9. Mr Twangy

    NAD Stage Right 15 from Monoprice

    Just got this and I am truly delighted. I wanted a tube/valve combo that would sound good at bedroom volumes but be loud enough to jam with others and this very affordable amp really shines. I had a Blackstar HT1R but it only had an 8 inch speaker and sounded "OK" but, as with many modern-day...
  10. Mr Twangy

    That Great Gretsch Sound (At Last!)

    I have this little Jet Club. I love how it plays and feels-perfect weight and balance- and I love the neck, but for pickups it had the infamous Gretschbuckers. I tried every possible adjustment to make those things sound decent (given that Gretsch saw fit to stamp their name on the pickup covers...
  11. Mr Twangy


    Well the Katana lasted less than a week. I just couldn’t get into it. Considering lockdowns and no stock anywhere it took several months to finally get one, and after all the hype and over the top YouTube videos extolling its greatness, I was gutted to find myself with a somewhat bland solid...
  12. Mr Twangy


    Well, I finally cracked and got one of these. I really wanted to get a valve amp but the missus said we're moving and it would be too fragile to move (she can say that because a few years back she witnessed my former Deluxe Reverb get smashed to bits in the back of a van. Anyway, I couldn't...
  13. Mr Twangy

    Blacktop Broadtrons - Blacktop Filtertrons. Are they the same pickup?

    I ask because they look exactly the same. Gretsch are mystifying with all their pickup variations and lack of info thereof.
  14. Mr Twangy

    Locking Tuners Recommendation?

    Has anyone installed locking tuners on an Electromatic Jet? Are there any drop-in ones? Thanks in advance?
  15. Mr Twangy

    Blacktop Filtertron Mounting Ring Measurement

    Would an owner of a guitar with Blacktop Filtertrons be so kind as to give me the exact dimensions of the mounting ring? And also the distance between the mounting screws? I’d like to replace the Gretschbuckers I have with a pair and would like to know in advance how different the mounting rings...
  16. Mr Twangy

    Advice re Replacing Gretschbuckers with Blacktops

    Hi all. I am thinking of replacing the Gretschbuckers in my Jet Club with Gretsch Blacktop Filtertrons. I have found a place that sells these pickups with mounting rings and all screws and springs for a good price. My question is this: will the mounting ring cover all of the humbucker rout and...
  17. Mr Twangy

    New member from Canada.

    Hi all, I’ve had a few guitars over the years but just got my first Gretsch this past week, a Jet Club in Firebird Red. Thanks to this forum I have already learned 1) that some people think Gretschbucker pickups suck, and 2) that raising the pole pieces (staggered) improves them greatly, which I...