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  1. VRomanojr

    Tru-Arc Hole Tone?

    I put an aluminum Tru-Arc on my Roundup and it made a world of difference. I'm probably going to get one for my 5420 but I see there's a "Hole Tone" option. Any users with reviews of the Hole Tone version? Description sounds like it gives more good stuff which isn't a bad thing!
  2. VRomanojr

    Black P/G & rings on orange 5420 ?

    Has anyone switched out to a black pickguard and black pickup rings on their orange 5420? I see that Gretsch uses black on a few models but I don't find anywhere to buy them (if I end up liking the look). I know Quickguards but they are a standard Gretsch item so should be for sale somewhere...
  3. VRomanojr

    NGD Orange 5420

    Well, new to me. Looks pretty much brand new. Only problem is the input jack unscrewed itself and it and a washer are rattling around inside. No time today to fuss with it but looks like I've got a project for tomorrow.
  4. VRomanojr

    5420 generations

    Am I correct with the 5420: Gen. 1 - MIK, hump fret markers, Blacktops, floating bridge Gen.2 - MIK, thumbnail markers, Blacktops, pinned bridge Gen. 3 - MIC, thumbnail markers, FT-5E pickups, pinned bridge Any other generations?